Three Best Places To Stay While Cloud-Hunting In Northern Vietnam

Cloud–hunting is one of the favorite activities for young travelers and tourists visiting Northern Vietnam during the last months of the year.


Accommodations that guarantee a beautiful view of the thick, white clouds floating in the sky are the perfect choice for visitors who do not want to move around too much, but still want to enjoy cloud–hunting in a more convenient and relaxed way.

If you prefer to stay inside and see the clouds from your window, a hotel, resort, or homestay that is located near the cloud–hunting spot will satisfy your need. Below are the 3 best choices of accommodations to relax and have the most wonderful cloud–hunting experience.

Topas Ecolodge

Photo: Zing
Photo: Zing

Address: Thanh Kim, Sapa, Lao Cai

Price: From VND 16 million (US$670.85)/ night

This eco-resort is located on a conical-shaped hilltop of Muong Hoa valley, about 18 km from Sapa. The place consists of small wooden cottages built separately with modern equipment and amenities.

Even though the resort is far from the center of Sapa town, it still draws many domestic and global travelers coming here. The price is quite high because of its unique location that allows you to marvel at the majestic scenery of the mountains, terraced fields, and floating fluffy clouds.

Photo: @hyeonini_.
Photo: @hyeonini_.

The resort has three types of rooms, which meet all the needs of visitors. The balcony of each room allows tourists to have a panoramic view of the majestic mountains, with the hills and rivers below.

During this time of the year, you can have a chance to watch the dreamy scene of the sun rising from your window room, and relax while enjoying the sea of white clouds. It is a little bit cold in the early morning, so visitors are advised to wear warm clothes before leaving their rooms.

Photo: @hyeonini_.
Photo: @hyeonini_.

Besides, the resorts also have a number of services for visitors to experience such as spas, mountain biking, trekking through the woods, swimming in infinity pools, etc.

P’apiu Resort

Address: Yen Dinh, Bac Me, Ha Giang

Price: From VND 10 million (US$419.28)/ night

The resort is nestled among the majestic tall mountains, which are about 18 km from Ha Giang. The 1,700 – meter – long brocade road, recognized by the Vietnam Record Organization as the longest brocade road in Vietnam, is the highlight feature here.

Photo: P'apiu
Photo: P’apiu

The resort has a total of 3 large villas designed and built separately that meet the needs of tourists who prefer tranquil and relaxing time with their families or friends.

Each villa has its own unique and outstanding architectural design with full amenities. If you want to hunt for clouds, The Fluffy one is the best choice voted by tourists.

The wooden house is located on the top of the mountain with glass windows that allow you to see the stunning layers of thick white clouds, and feel yourself closer to nature. You will be able to catch the most amazing panoramic scenery of the clouds, mountains, and blue sky when you open your eyes in the early morning.

Tourists can also enjoy some cool experiences such as zip lining, outdoor movie theaters, soaking in a jacuzzi bath in the middle of nature, etc.

Rock Garden Homestay

Photo: Rock Garden Homestay Sapa
Photo: Rock Garden Homestay Sapa

Address: Muong Hoa, Sapa, Lao Cai

Price: From VND1,3 million (US$54.43)/ night

The homestay is located at an altitude of 1.700m, about 25 minutes’ drive from the center of Sapa. On a cloudy day, you will feel like you are walking in a sea of clouds.

The design is simple and rustic, which creates a warm, fuzzy feeling once tourists get inside. Woods and rocks are the two main materials used to be naturally friendly, showing the typical features of architecture in mountainous provinces.

Located in a high position with a view of the vast valley in front, you just have to open any windows of the homestay to see the stunning scenery of the mountains, forests, hills, and rivers beneath the blue sky.

Photo: @dptmino
Photo: @dptmino

Not only being a perfect destination for cloud–hunting, the homestay is also close to other famous destinations of the Northwest such as Fansipan peak, Hoang Lien national park, the Thai Bac tourist area, etc.

There is also a café and restaurant where guests can have a good meal, and drink a hot cup of coffee while watching the sea of clouds floating just outside the window.

Charlotte Pho