Tan Hiep Phat partners with global leaders to enhance recycling and eco-friendly manufacturing

Husky Technologies, the frontrunner in providing cutting-edge plastic injection molding solutions, has been partnering with Tan Hiep Phat since 1993 to deliver top-of-the-line technology for their inaugural PET preform production system. In a recent milestone, Husky played a pivotal role in empowering Vietnam's premier beverage company to make significant strides in their recycling and lightweighting endeavors.


Strategic partnership

Husky Technologies is a global leader in injection molding technologies, solutions, and services. We are dedicated to providing the best production solutions and have established collaborations with renowned brands and producers across the world.

In 1993, recognizing the potential for growth, we entered the Vietnamese market. Vietnam, with its stable political environment, young and growing population, and strategic geographical location, presented an ideal opportunity for development. The country’s industries have also experienced consistent growth rates over the years.

Emile Haddad, Sales General Manager – Rigid Packaging SEA at Husky Technologies

Husky has established itself as a trusted supplier of equipment to numerous Vietnamese businesses, including leading brands. Currently, there are over 110 Husky injection molding systems operating throughout Vietnam, producing approximately 7 billion parts per year, including preforms, closures, lids, and thinwall food containers.

One of our notable collaborations in Vietnam is with the Tan Hiep Phat Group. We have been working with Tan Hiep Phat since 1993 when they purchased their first PET preform molding system from us.

“We strive for professionalism, support, and a collaborative approach. And, we look forward to continuing this partnership in the future,” shared Emile Haddad, Sales General Manager – Rigid Packaging SEA.

Improving capacity and continuous innovation

Over the years, we have supplied Tan Hiep Phat with 13 preform molding systems and 11 closure molding systems.

Our solutions have helped Tan Hiep Phat successfully execute their packaging production strategy, leading to reduced costs and improved competitiveness in the market. As a result, we have become one of Tan Hiep Phat’s leading strategic suppliers.

Husky has supplied Tan Hiep Phat with 13 preform molding systems and 11 closure molding systems

Emile said, “Tan Hiep Phat is one of Vietnam’s largest beverage companies, with an ambitious leadership team that constantly strives for improvement and innovation to meet customer needs and international standards. We support Tan Hiep Phat in delivering on their commitment to sustainability and the circular economy through recycling and lightweighting initiatives.”

The partnership between Husky and Tan Hiep Phat has positioned both companies as industry leaders in Vietnam, focusing on continuous improvement and technological innovation. Additionally, both companies share a common goal of delivering safe and sustainable products to consumers.

Tan Hiep Phat owns multiple successful brands and exports products to over 20 countries worldwide
Tan Hiep Phat owns multiple successful brands and exports products to over 20 countries worldwide

Regarding our future plans in the Vietnamese market, Emile mentioned that we will continue working with industry leaders. Husky is committed to providing manufacturers with cutting-edge technology, exceptional services, and comprehensive support.

Selecting a reputable and leading supplier is a wise step for Vietnamese businesses seeking to enter demanding markets, enhance their production capacity, and deliver high-quality products.