Swimming in Da Lat’s Purple Stream

In the early morning, the misty Purple Stream (Tia Stream) exudes a magical and mysterious beauty.


Da Lat (Lam Dong province) is known for its flower hills and poetic steppes, but also the famous morning mist that covers the surface of lakes and streams. Among such bodies of water, Tia Stream (Purple Stream) is likened to “the heavenly realm” in the heart of Da Lat. However, not many people know about it.

Swimming in Da Lat's Purple Stream
Photo: Biblewalk

Purple Stream is the source of the clear blue water flowing into Tuyen Lam Lake – the largest freshwater lake in Da Lat, Lam Dong. Tuyen Lam Lake is located about 5 km from the center of Da Lat city. Tuyen means stream and Lam means forest, Tuyen Lam is where rivers, streams, and mountains meet.

Many visitors commented that this place is as beautiful as the scene in documentaries on the Discovery Chanel. There are many rows of trees around this lake, and their images are reflected on the calm blue lake surface.

Swimming in Da Lat's Purple Stream
Photo: Carytourism

The Purple Stream has one unique character. An old fisherman named Quyen, nearly 70 years old, has lived for many years in a simple house next to the pine forest, with a white-haired dog. Every day, he makes a living with a small net, used to catch fish in the bed of Tia Stream. Occasionally, he is invited to model for photographers and row boats for visitors.

The best time to take pictures of Purple Stream is probably in the late winter and early spring days. Visitors should choose days with high humidity and little wind to capture the mist on the lake. When the sun rises (before 7:00 am), the rows of water hyacinth trees are dyed red by the sunlight amidst the white mist.

When visitors come to this stream, they will be able to feel the beauty of the four seasons. When visitors come to this stream, they will be able to feel the beauty of the four seasons in this fairyland. In the early morning, the lake’s surface is covered with mist. At noon, bright sunshine spreads everywhere like summer. In the afternoon, the atmosphere here is like autumn; In the evening, the lake is ice-cold.

Swimming in Da Lat's Purple Stream
Photo: Viettravel

The entrance to the Purple Stream is just a trail along the small stream in the pine forest. If tourists are not guided by locals, it is easy to get lost. They can go to the boat dock of Tuyen Lam lake and rent a small boat to get in. For tourists who travel in groups of 5 to 10, the cost is about US $4.18.

In the heart of the Purple stream, there are many species of fish such as grouper, whitefish, halibut, seahorse, and stone fish. Among them, stone fish is considered a delicacy only found in this stream.

The stone fish is about the size of an adult thumb, about 15 cm long. Their body is scaly with a yellow-green border, slightly white belly, round head, and yellow eyes. This fish usually lives in fast-flowing water, so it is mainly caught with nets. About ten years ago, there were many stone fish, but now due to overfishing, there are not many left.

The stone fish has soft bones and firm meat with a delicious fatty taste. Therefore, the more the person chews, the softer the fish bones and secretes a sweet and fatty taste. The stone fish can be processed into many delicious dishes. Grilled stone fish or fish soup both taste great.

Swimming in Da Lat's Purple Stream
Photo: mustgo.vn
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