Spread the Awareness of Vietnamese Culture in Germany

On July 22, the Vietnamese community of Bayern (Germany) will be taking part in the renowned Sommerfest summer festival, displaying an array of cultural products and dishes to an international audience in order to illustrate the splendour of their traditional heritage.


The annual festival in Augsburg city, known as Sommerfest, showcased nearly 40 booths representing various countries. Among these booths was one hosted by Huong Viet, an online magazine focused on the Vietnamese community in Germany, along with the local Vietnamese community. The performers at the booth showcased traditional songs and dances from Vietnam while wearing red T-shirts adorned with yellow five-pointed stars, representing the colors of the Vietnamese flag.

Vietnam was the only Asian country selected by Augsburg city to perform at the central stage for cultural performances, as reported by VNA.

Huong Viet is a Vietnamese-language magazine that has been providing updates about the Vietnamese community, as well as information about the homeland and Germany, since its launch in 2009.
Popularize Vietnamese Culture in Germany
Performances of traditional songs and dances helped to promote Vietnamese culture to international visitors (Photo: VNA).

The Mayor of Augsburg city, Martina Wild, believes that the participation of the Vietnamese community allows the city residents to experience the vibrant characteristics of Vietnam. People at the multicultural event were impressed with the food and visuals representing Vietnam.

Pham Khanh Nam, Editor-in-chief of Huong Viet magazine, stated that the Vietnamese booth at Sommerfest not only displayed the country’s culture but also showcased its solidarity and love for peace.

Furthermore, the red T-shirts with yellow five-pointed stars, symbolizing the Vietnamese flag, and the map of the country worn by the Vietnamese people there, emphasized Vietnam’s sovereignty over Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) islands.

The vibrant traditional attires like Ao Dai or Ao Tu Than (the four-panel traditional dress commonly worn in the northern part of the country) also left a positive impression on international friends.

Popularize Vietnamese Culture in Germany
The Vietnamese community and Mayor of Augsburg city, Martina Wild (sixth from right), at the Sommerfest event (Photo: VNA)

This meaningful event acts as a bridge, connecting the community with its homeland and introducing international friends to the beauty of Vietnamese culture and its people.

Popularize Vietnamese Culture in Germany
Huong Viet organizes many events to promote Vietnamese culture and affirm the country’s maritime sovereignty in Germany (Photo: VNA).
Zoey Nguyễn