Quang Phu Commune hosts said sand dunes are located just 8km from Dong Hoi City. Some of the dunes are up to 100m high.

Tourists will have a chance to see the pristine beauty of this unexpected feature in Vietnam, which transforms before your eyes due to a constant strong wind from the sea.

Tourists can also go sand skating on the dunes, with makeshift sand boards crafted from tree bark. The activity is a one of a kind in the region, and is suitable for all ages. 

Standing out from those in central province of Phan Thiet, the sand dunes in Quang Binh gather various unique features to create a unique landscape. White sand hills sparkle in the sun, and extend to the blue sea.

As of yet they’re relatively left alone by the affects of humans. The hills are high enough to give you a buzz and play some interesting games.

Conquering sand hills is a favourite memory of tourists visiting Quang Binh.