Departing from Buoc Lom wharf, the canoe will take you down the Nang river, passing Puong cave – one of the most beautiful caves in the Ba Be National Park. 

The stalactites in the high domes, with all kinds of exotic shapes, make everyone unable to take their eyes off.

The next stop is the foot of Dau Dang waterfall, where the Nang river divides into many small streams due to large rocks separating. 

As a result, the water flowing here creates a magnificent waterfall with a height of more than 1,000 meters, flowing through blocks of stone.

After a while riding the boat, An Ma Temple is an ideal stop. 

This shrine dedicated to the Buddha is located on An Ma Islet in the middle Ba Be Lake and was rebuilt in 2006. 

Quiet space here makes tourists feel at peace in the midst of extreme serenity. 

This is also an interesting and very convenient place to observe birds and the lake landscape. 

Next to Ba Be Lake, Hua Ma cave, also known as “Treo” cave with attractive beauty, is a must-visit destination for many tourists.

Meanwhile, Fairy Pond covering over 3,000m2 is surrounded by limestone mountains and pristine forest. 

The cool green water pond located 100m from Ba Be tells you another story. Here you will be able to see many kinds of fish such as glass carp, tilapia, see the footprints on the stone and hear the legendary story about hunters and seven fairies. 

Along with that, visitors can experience the life, culture as well as customs of the ethnic villagers living on the mountainside by the lake. 

Getting back to the boat is also when the sun began to descend. When the boat sails to Ba Goc Island, you will encounter Tay ethnic minority girls in the traditional costumes rowing the idyllic boat that has long been a symbol of tourism in Bac Kan province. 

In the sunset of the mountainous region, seemingly everyone is excited, all senses are activated, and the soul becomes clear and full of living sap.