Revival of Japanese Sword Art Space In Ha Long

The work aims to recreate the scene of an ancient Japanese village, where artisans created legendary Samurai swords.


In an effort to give visitors the opportunity to learn, admire, and enjoy the Japanese sword art, the Chosen de l’art Art Auction and Sun Group signed a cooperation agreement to invest a project named the Interactive Art Space of the Japanese Sword – Art of the Samurai sword in Ha Long (Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam).

Revival of Japanese Sword Art's Interactive Space In Ha Long
Project signing ceremony (Photo: Quang Ninh Newspaper).

This is an international art project that was implemented by CHEN de l’art in April 2022 in Bat Trang, Hanoi. The 5 ancient swords introduced that time, were certified by the Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai (Japan Sword Art Preservation Association). The focus of the project was on the appearance of the “sacred sword” – a masterpiece dedicated to Shogun Tokugawa Iemochi (who ruled all of Japan from 1858 to 1866).

At the exhibition, there was also a space to introduce ancient paintings, traditional masks, and experience activities for the art-loving public such as wearing typical Japanese martial arts costumes to take photos. Through the exhibition, the Organizing Committee also wanted to convey the message of the need to preserve and further multiply the cultural and artistic values of Vietnam.

On this occasion, the Organizing Committee tries to recreate what is closest to the Japanese tradition since ancient times so that the public can have closer access and have profound experiences about the art of sword making in particular, the cultural and artistic value of the sword. Japanese art in general.

Revival of Japanese Sword Art's Interactive Space In Ha Long
The Japanese Sword Art’s interactive space was implemented in Hanoi in April 2022. Photo: nguoihanoi.

The project recreates the scene of an ancient Japanese village in the EDO period (1603 – 1863) of the Bizen Osafune region, the largest sword-making area in Japan, which can be dated back to the 10th century AD. This is the place where artisans create legendary Samurai swords. The manufacturing processes are tested by leading experts.

The areas displaying swords, the experience area for the use of Samurai swords and armor, the Japanese art crafting area, the Bushido light art show room, etc. are all arranged by Researcher of ancient culture and art – Architect Tran Long.

Visitors will have a chance to be back to the past, to feel the atmosphere of the majestic Japanese lords right at the first step touching the stone paving the village gate, immersed in the space of the fire flickering by the furnace of swords, the jingle of weapons, contemplative artisans reflecting on the surface of swords, graceful ancient Japanese maidens in Kimono, and majestic armies of Samurai with legendary armor usually only seen on Hollywood movies.

Revival of Japanese Sword Art's Interactive Space In Ha Long
The Japanese Sword Art’s interactive space was implemented in Hanoi in April 2022. Photo:

“The Japanese space at Sun Hill – Sun World Ha Long is the main reason for CHON de l’art to implement the project here. It is located at Mystic Castle, an architectural structure that simulates ancient Japanese castles. Surrounding the castle is a Japanese garden named Zen Garden, where visitors can zoom in on one of the most beautiful corners of the heritage city. Inspired by the famous Okayama Korakuen Garden with hundreds of cedar trees, Arhat conifers, Koi ponds, rockeries and miniatures of Mount Fuji, Zen Garden is elaborately and delicately designed by artisans and Japanese experts. Together with the Japanese Sword Art’s Interactive Space, this place is expected to bring a special experience for visitors on the top of the Hill of Sun,” architect Tran Long said.

Mr. Vu Tuan Anh, Chairman of CHON de l’art shared: “This is an art project with great enthusiasm. It is an honor to cooperate with such a great partner as Sun Group. We are proud to bring it to the public with a space to experience, learn and enjoy culture on a world-class level”.

It is planned that “Japanese Sword Art’s Interactive Space” will be put into operation on April 30, 2023.

Ruby Lee