Primeval Charm of Con Vanh

Con Vanh is located inside the Red River Delta Biosphere Reserve recognised by UNESCO in 1994 and is one of the places in Vietnam that preserves its primeval ecology and beaches, attracting a large number of discovery lovers.

Con Vanh belongs to Nam Phu Commune, Tien Hai District, Thai Binh Province, 7km from the mainland. Due to being at the river mouth of Ba Lat, where the Red River flows into the sea, Con Vanh has a favourable position with beautiful and peaceful scenery. It is now a favourite destination for people who love to discover the diversified salt-marsh eco-system and the coastal fishing village with hospitable and humble people.

Part of Con Vanh seen from Ba Lat Lighthouse. Photo: Viet Cuong/VNP

Ba Lat Lighthouse, 40m in height, is an interesting place to view Con Vanh. Photo: Viet Cuong/VNP

Farmers raising clams to the west of Con Vanh. Photo: Viet Cuong/VNP

Tourists relax at the beach of Con Vanh. Photo: Viet Cuong/VNP

Con Vanh is the first choice of many tourists due to its primeval charm
which is less affected by human activities. Photo: Viet Cuong/VNP

Discovering life at Con Vanh. Photo: Viet Cuong/VNP

Con Vanh has beautiful scenery of a salt-marsh ecosystem. Photo: Viet Cuong/VNP

          Con Vanh is a relatively flat area formed by the alluvium from the Red River with the effect of its flow in the middle of the river and hydrodynamic system of the coastal region. It covers a total area of 1,696 ha with a beach 7km in length and 700ha of mangrove forest and 56ha of casuarinas. Con Vanh boasts a diverse salt-marsh ecosystem with mangrove trees and pine trees along with over 200 species of sea creatures and several rare birds. 
In the past, people had to row to Con Vanh but at the present time, there is a cement road connecting the island with the mainland. Lines of pine trees even make the way to Con Vanh more romantic. It was not hectic but so peaceful that surprised everyone a lot. At dawn, fishing boats come back after an overnight fishing trip. It’s time to come and buy fresh seafood such as crabs, prawns and stomatopods (mantis shrimps) at a much cheaper price than in the market. More interestingly, one can go into an inn to have the seafood boiled and served at once while enjoying the fresh air by the sea.

To the south of the long sandbar is Ba Lat lighthouse where visitors have a panoramic view of the whole Ba Lat river mouth – the joining point of the Red River and the seas of Nam Dinh and Thai Binh.

In the near future, Con Vanh will become a national tourism area with its striking features, including a primitive landscape, diversified eco-system and the simple life of fishing villagers. Con Vanh will also become one of the tourism routes in Thai Binh with Keo Pagoda, Tran Dynasty’s relics, Minh Lang Embroidery Village, Dong Xam Silver Village and Bach Thuan Garden./.


Story: Bich Van – Photos: Viet Cuong