Paintings from UOB Art Competition on Display in Hanoi

The successful first exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City in November 2023 has paved the way for the inaugural UOB Painting of the Year exhibition in Hanoi and Hue. This continuation of success showcases the immense talent and creativity of artists in Vietnam, highlighting their exceptional skills in the field of painting.


The winning artworks from the first year’s “UOB Painting of the Year” competition in Vietnam are currently on display at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum in Hanoi. The exhibition will run from March 23 to March 31.

The exhibition features 8 award-winning artworks from the 1st UOB Painting of the Year in Vietnam, along with other remarkable artworks by these 8 winning artists.

The artworks encompass various forms of expression, including spray paint on capos, oil on canvas and ties, wax, and perforations, etc. Each piece conveys profound messages about humanity, culture, and contemporary society.

The Gold Award in the “Established Artist” category was awarded to Vietnamese artist Pham Tran Viet Nam for his artwork titled “Họa Chúng Sinh #1- Beings Painting #1”.

After the exhibition in Hanoi, the artworks will be showcased at the Hue Museum of Fine Arts in Hue city from April 17 to April 30.

Established in 1982, the UOB Painting of the Year is Singapore’s longest-running annual art competition and one of the most prestigious in Southeast Asia.

The competition aims to promote art and culture in the region and to showcase the talent of established and emerging artists. It has discovered and recognized over 1,000 artistic talents across the region since its inception.

Photo: UOB

The UOB Painting of the Year will launch its second year in Vietnam in early May 2024. The competition will continue to provide a platform for Vietnamese artists, especially untapped talents, to be recognized and further develop their career both domestically and regionally.

UOB Vietnam awarded the first UOB Painting of the Year (POY) to artist Trinh Minh Tien for his artwork titled “Thủy Phủ- Water Palace”.

“Thủy Phủ- Water Palace” conveys the concept of impermanence, illustrating the continuous transformation of history and religion through architectural imprints. Using airbrush painting techniques, the artist skillfully captures the reflection of Hanoi (St. Joseph) Cathedral on a car’s bonnet, as the Cathedral casts its silhouette on the rain-slicked car windows.

Artist Trinh Minh Tien expressed that the competition not only holds value from a community perspective but also nurtures potential artistic talents and motivates artists to develop their careers and shine.

Photo from Tien’s Facebook page

In the “Emerging Artist” category, artist Ta Duy Tung was awarded the “2023 Most Promising Artist of the Year (Vietnam)” for his oil painting titled “Trên con đường – Fly on my way”. The artwork depicts a flying shoe with a loosely tied thick string, symbolizing the challenges, uncertainties, and obstacles faced by the artist during his youth as a student studying and working, marked by a bold and resilient spirit.

In the “Established Artist” category, artist Pham Tran Viet Nam received the Gold Award for his work titled “Họa Chúng Sinh #1- Beings Painting #1”.

Họa Chúng Sinh #1 depicts a trilogy of works and densely crowded webs of human faces, encroaching and suffocating under the pressures of urban developments. The artwork includes bruised faces in combat, children at war, medieval beggars, coal miners, and innocents struggling to survive in a world filled with complexities.

Hannah Nguyen