New Milestone in World Peace Council History

The 22nd Assembly of the World Peace Council was a great success, thereby orienting the strategy and action plan for the Council in the coming time. As the host of the assembly, Vietnam has clearly demonstrated its responsible membership role and actively contributed to the activities of the Council in particular and the world peace movement in general.


Agenda accomplished

The 22nd Assembly of the World Peace Council was held for the first time in Vietnam with the participation of nearly 100 delegates from roughly 50 countries, including representatives of progressive and patriotic, peace-loving forces in the world.

This is an important multilateral foreign policy event, contributing to enhancing Vietnam’s position, role and image in general and people-to-people diplomacy in particular. The assembly is an opportunity for Vietnam to propagate its foreign policy, promote international solidarity and continuing to make efforts to the common movement of world pacifists.

New Milestone in World Peace Council History
On behalf of Party and State leaders, Politburo member, Standing Vice Chairman of the National Assembly Tran Thanh Man presented the Friendship Medal to the World Peace Council (Photo: Thu Ha).

This is an opportunity for Vietnam to express its gratitude for the support and contributions of the Council and its member organizations to Vietnam during the past years and especially in the struggle for national liberation and unification, simultaneously enlisting their support for Vietnam’s national interest-related issues in the current context.

After 6 active and effective working days (November 21-26, 2022), the 22nd Assembly of the World Peace Council was successfully completed, fulfilling such the proposed agenda as a political declaration, electing the Executive Committee for the new term, successfully organizing the Hanoi Peace Conference, etc.

The political declaration of the 22nd Assembly of the World Peace Council shows a strong message of determination and efforts to strengthen solidarity and the gathering of peace-loving and progressive forces in the world, continuing to fight for peace, justice, democracy, social justice and sustainable development, combatting against war, oppression, exploitation and injustice.

New Milestone in World Peace Council History
Hanoi Peace Conference was organized. (Photo: Thu Ha).

This message also sends out a strong determination of the peace-loving and progressive forces: “Join hands to fight for sustainable development; promote efforts to protect the planet; protect and build a good future for coming generations”.

With absolute consensus, the Executive Committee elected Mr. Pallab Sengupta – Secretary General of the All India Peace and Solidarity Organization – as the President of the World Peace Council. At the same time, Mr. Athanasios Pafilis continued to be elected as Secretary General, Iraklis Tsavdaridis as Permanent Secretary. 5 vice presidents representing regions and 13 members of the Secretariat were also chosen.

During the working days in Hanoi and Quang Ninh, the delegates brought to Vietnam a feeling of solidarity, discussing profoundly and deeply the global and regional peace situation. The delegates also witnessed the positive changes of Vietnam, which shifted from a war-devastating country to the top dynamic economy in the world, obtaining great achievements in all aspects, ensuring social security, towards sustainable development goals.

New Milestone in World Peace Council History
State President Nguyen Xuan Phuc took photos with delegates (Photo: Thu Ha).

The leaders of the Party and State of Vietnam warmly received delegates of the Assembly. State President Nguyen Xuan Phuc spent a great deal of time talking and sharing with the delegates. Standing Vice Chairman of the National Assembly Tran Thanh Man attended and delivered the opening speech of the 22nd Assembly. Chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Do Van Chien also took time to exchange opinions and interact with delegates.

Within the framework of the Assembly, the delegates visited Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the headquarters of the Vietnam Peacekeeping Department, Ha Long Bay in Quang Ninh, etc.

Peaceful mission and good memories

The 22nd Assembly of the World Peace Council came to an end, leaving a good impression of a friendly, hospitable, peace-loving Vietnam, and its achievements after 36 years of renovations. Mr. Uong Chu Luu, President of the Vietnam Peace Committee, told that: “The “luggage” that the delegates take home is peace mission, with beautiful memories of the country and people of Vietnam”.

Most of the delegates highly appreciated the deliberate preparation of Vietnam in all stages, which has created a sincere, open and positive atmosphere for the delegates to share their thoughts and suggestions.

According to Carlos Ron, President of the Venezuelan Institute of Peace and Solidarity (ISB), Vietnam has emerged from a war-dragging country to an independent country pursuing a new development road, following the chosen socialist path and towards the goal of “a prosperous people and a strong, democratic, equitable and civilized country”

New Milestone in World Peace Council History
The newly elected Executive Committee. (Photo: Truong Hung)

Carlos Ron said that the successes in implementing Vietnam’s policies with a socialist orientation are showing the world that socialism can bring benefits to nations, and happiness for its people.

Ganim Gazawi, a member of the Executive Board of the Israeli Committee for Peace and Solidarity (PSCI), expressed his admiration for the Vietnamese heroic people in the struggle for national liberation and reunification. Ganim Gazawi said that the heroic country of Vietnam, past and present, is growing, becoming a profound lesson for the peace movement in the world.

As for Socorro Gomes Coelho, former President of the World Peace Council, Vietnam has grown into a dynamic and developed country in socio-economic fields, especially in improving the quality of people’s lives. These achievements are even more meaningful in the context that Vietnam carried out its resistance wars for national independence and peace.

New Milestone in World Peace Council History
Delegates were happy to meet students when visiting President Ho Chi Minh’s relic at the Presidential Palace (Photo: Huyen Nhung).
General Secretary of the Bangladesh Peace Council Hasan Tarique Chowdhury highly appreciated Vietnam’s progress and achievements thanks to the implementation of the Doi Moi (Reform) and the application of a socialist-oriented economy which helps Vietnam attain many achievements in such many areas as agricultural development, industry, social justice, women’s empowerment, etc. This is a lesson for developing countries in the region as well as in the world.

“Vietnam is an inspiration and a good friend of peoples fighting for independence, sovereignty and peace in the world. We respect, admire, and will accompany Vietnamese leaders and people.” she said.

According to the former President of the World Peace Council, Vietnam has experiences in gaining international support, gathering and uniting pacifist forces to prevent war. Therefore, Vietnam is an important partner of the World Peace Council. Peace-loving Vietnam is an essential part of the international peace force and the World Peace Council. Ms. Socorro Gomes believed that Vietnam will make many positive contributions to the world peace movement.

New Milestone in World Peace Council History
Delegates take souvenir photos in Ha Long Bay (Photo: Truong Hung).

With the new President of the World Peace Council Pallab Sengupta, Vietnam has become familiar. “Every time I come to Vietnam, I feel like home-coming,” he said. The event of the 22nd Assembly of the World Peace Council held in Vietnam, according to Mr. Pallab Sengupta, is a real recognition of Vietnam’s important position and role in the world peace movement, demonstrating that the country is a responsible and active member of the international community.”

“We are living in a world with many complicated developments, potentially threatening peace, stability and development. The goal of the World Peace Council is to act together, regardless of political and religious views, to move towards global peace and development,” said Pallab Sengupta.

“The success of the Assembly is sending a strong message of the world progressive people’s support for the cause of the Vietnamese people’s socialist path, national construction and defense as well as the Vietnamese Communist Party of Vietnam’s policies in national construction and development,” said President of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations, Ambassador Nguyen Phuong Nga.