Netherlands Introduced to Vietnamese Cuisine

Le Thi Hien Anh, the spouse of the Vietnamese Ambassador to the Netherlands, recently held a "Coffee Morning" event with the ASEAN Ladies Circle (ALC) in the Netherlands to showcase the flavor and culture of Vietnam.

Vietnamese Cuisine Introduced in Netherlands
The event is hosted by the spouse of the Vietnamese Ambassador to the Netherlands Le Thi Hien Anh (third, left). Photo: The World&Vietnam Report

This was one of the monthly programs of the club to raise mutual understanding, friendship, and solidarity among the embassies of ASEAN countries in the country.

Present at the event, Mayelinne de Lara, representative of The Diplomat Magazine, commended the special relationship between ASEAN countries and diplomatic families in the ASEAN community in the Netherlands.

She proposed organizing a common cultural event for embassies of ASEAN countries and many other foreign embassies in the Netherlands in the coming time to promote the unique culture and cuisine of ASEAN countries in general and of Vietnam in particular to the Dutch people.

Vietnamese Cuisine Introduced in Netherlands
The event features a spring roll-making contest. Photo: The World&Vietnam Report

Participants at the event tasted Vietnamese food and participated in a spring roll-making competition, where groups from Indonesia and the Philippines won the first prizes.

Along with the hospitality of Vietnamese people, the country’s cuisine has left a good impression of Vietnam in the eye of foreign friends.

Vietnamese cuisine is so diverse, and culinary diplomacy is considered an important factor in the country’s strategy to promote the image of the nation, people, and culture, according to experts.

Vietnamese Cuisine Introduced in Netherlands
Participants in a group photo. Photo: The World&Vietnam Report

Vietnamese cuisine has been praised by many international chefs and prestigious food magazines in recent years.

Vietnam was named among the top 10 countries in the world with the best food, according to readers of the Canadian magazine The Travel.

It ranked fifth in the list for its distinctive cuisine with incredible favors that are particularly popular with international friends.

The oldest and largest French TV channel – TF1 – broadcast a report on the success of world cuisine in France over the past ten years, in which Vietnamese cuisine was honored as one of the three most loved by the French.

Vietnam was also honored as Asia’s Leading Culinary Destination at the prestigious World Travel Awards (WTA) 2020. That was the second year in a row that Vietnam ranks first in Asia in the category./.

Rosy Huong