To start the summer travel season, the agency decided to film and release the “Travel to love – Seas beckon” video on its YouTube channel, as part of its “Discover Vietnam” programme to attract both domestic and foreign visitors to the gorgeous beaches, sea and islands of the nation.

For over 60 seconds, the clip brings visitors closer to the beautiful and charming images that make up Vietnam’s marine tourism brand. Images such as Con Co island, looking like a green pearl in the middle of the vast sea, the wild and poetic Mui Treo beach, the rich ecosystem and fresh air of Phu Quoc island, and the windy and sunny straits of Eo Gio Nhon Ly in Quy Nhon city.

Through the emotional experiences of popular YouTube content creators like “Quang Tri! Food and Travel ”,“ Fly Around Vietnam” and Helly Tong, the video offers viewers moments of relaxation and peace, helping re-energise and inspire new journeys, as Vietnam’s tourism industry prepares for a summer comeback after COVID-19 has been largely brought under control around the country.

Under the guidance of Helly Tong, viewers seem to walk through the vast primeval forests in Phu Quoc and hand-pick green peppers – a famous specialty of the island, or simply spend time floating on a boat reading their favourite book in the middle of the ocean.

Besides stunning white beaches of white sand and sunshine, visitors can not only immerse themselves in the beauty of the endless seas and islands, but also experience countless exciting entertainment activities, such as sea sports, scuba diving, canoeing and many other activities for children and family members in water parks and aquariums.

The clip is also full of the colours of Vietnamese marine cuisine, mixed with the silence of the sunset on the sea and the joy of family meals next to the vast oceans.

Released on the occasion the summer season and right before the annual April 30 and May Day holidays, the video is expected to stimulate domestic tourism and arouse national pride and patriotism, while at the same time urging visitors to start their journey to discover beautiful Vietnam.

Viewers can follow the release of the clip “Vietnam: Travel to love – Seas beckon” on the online platform at

It is part of the VNAT’s communication programme, began in early 2021 on digital platforms with the support of Google and Vinpearl.

VNAT earlier launched the “Vietnam: Travel to love – Country, people” and “Vietnam: Travel to love – Cultural and cuisine destination” videos, which attracted millions of visits in a very short period of time.

Along with that, the VNAT YouTube channel also features a lot of travel experience clips from influential content creators in the social networking community with a large number of subscribers, such as Fly Around Vietnam, Flycam 4K, Khoai Lang Thang, Chan La Ca, Miss H’Hen Nie and Helly Tong.