Last destination of Nguyen Dynasty hero in Ho Chi Minh City

Enjoying a tranquil, quiet shrine near Ba Chieu Market in Binh Thanh District, worshiping the mandarin of the Nguyen Dynasty.


last destination of nguyen dynasty hero in ho chi minh city
The shrine’s architecture is influenced by the Hue Imperial Citadel. (Photo: vietnamnews)

Not far from a crowded market in HCM City is a temple that enshrines a revered hero with a bloody family tragedy.

Ong Ba Chieu Temple sits on a piece of land that is shaped like a turtle’s back and slightly higher than its surroundings. The temple’s location is considered supreme infeng shui terms.

It is located next to Ba Chieu Market in Binh Thanh District and is where hero and high-ranking mandarin of the Nguyen Dynasty, Le Van Duyet (1764-1832), is buried along with his wife Do Thi Phan.

The temple has four gates named after the cardinal directions, with the Southern Gate now used as the main one.

According to the monument management board, 100-200 locals and foreigners visit every day. During Tet(Lunar New Year), 100,000 people visit to pay their respects.