Ho Chi Minh City Music Fest: Rocking the South

The 2023 HOZO International Music Festival in HCM City is a vibrant event that runs from September until the end of the year. It showcases a diverse range of activities, including performance tours at universities, exhibitions, new MV releases, and educational workshops. This festival celebrates the global power of music and creates a platform for both established and up-and-coming artists to share their talents and connect with audiences from around the world. With its dynamic lineup of events, the 2023 HOZO International Music Festival promises to be an unforgettable experience for music enthusiasts and cultural enthusiasts alike.


VNA reported that the HOZO Super Fest, a three-day music show under the 2023 Hò Dô (HOZO) International Music Festival, took place from December 22-24 on Nguyen Hue pedestrian street in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 1.

HOZO, now in its third edition, is the city’s biggest cultural event in 2023, offering a magnificent musical space and a multi-sensory experience for the audience.

The Ho Chi Minh City International Music Festival, known as HOZO, opens on December 22 at Nguyen Hue pedestrian street.

The music festival featured performances by 10 popular international artists and bands and 14 Vietnamese ones. Over the course of three days, it attracted around 150,000 music lovers.

Speaking at the event, Vice Chairman of the city’s People’s Committee Nguyen Van Dung emphasized that the festival has become an annual cultural tourism event in the city.

The festival aims to fulfill the city’s goals of developing its cultural industries, boosting tourism, and implementing a project on organizing typical festivals, as well as cultural and sports events in the 2020-2030 period.

This year’s event, with its diverse artistic activities, music events, and in-depth forums on the music industry, attracted many managers and musicologists. It helps local artists gain a better understanding of the roles of professional international music and the potential strengths, difficulties, and challenges of the city’s music industry in achieving sustainable development of the creative industry.

One of the new features of this year’s International Music Festival was the 2023 Ho Do induction music talent contest, which took place from September to November 2023 at Lam Son Park in District 1. The contest was organized in cooperation with the Ho Chi Minh City National University Music Association.

The contest made an important contribution to creating an impressive prelude, attracting a large number of young people to participate in useful activities and contribute to organizing effective activities with the city’s cultural sector. It also helped establish the city’s own brands and provided guidance for the music field to continue developing based on promoting tradition and international integration.

The Korean band Tempest performs at the Ho Chi Minh City International Music Festival.

The opening night on December 22 included performances by two international artists – Singaporean singer Charlie Lim and Siberian group Otyken – as well as five Vietnamese representatives, namely singers Binz and GreyD, music groups Chillies and Saigon Pops Orchestra, and DJ Hoaprox.

On the second night, the audience enjoyed music from the Korean band Tempest, the Tokyo-based Vietnamese rock band Kurrock, the Indonesian group Good Morning Everyone, and singers Van Mai Huong, My Anh, Vu Thao My, and Erik.

The final night highlighted performances by renowned DJ Don Diablo, El Pony Pisador from Barcelona, Vietnamese rock band Vortexx, singer Thu Minh, and music group Dalab.

In addition to the main stage, HOZO also featured a side stage with various multi-artistic talents, including Saigon Choir, which performed 13 foreign and Vietnamese songs, SpaceX Dance Group with an internal dance showcase, and an Aerobic contest – Showcase All Style.

The 2023 HOZO International Music Festival in HCM City, which lasted from September to the end of the year, included a series of activities such as performance tours at universities, exhibitions, new MV launches, and workshops.

Hannah Nguyen