According to the Hanoi Department of Tourism, since April 2020, because it has not opened to international tourists, Hanoi mainly welcomes domestic tourists.

Total revenue from domestic tourists is estimated at 11.28 trillion VND (equivalent to 40% of total revenue in 2020 and equal to 23% of the plan).

Although affected by the epidemic, the tourism industry still faces many difficulties, but according to the Hanoi Department of Tourism, the bright spot of the Capital’s tourism industry in this period is that the units have actively restructured tourism products.

New tourism focuses on attracting domestic tourists such as: evening tours named “Decoding the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long” at Thang Long Imperial Citadel relic site, folk experience tourism products at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, a night tour titled ‘Sacred Night – Glorious Vietnamese Spirit" at Hoa Lo Prison relic.

"French architecture in the heart of Hanoi” walking tour launched at the end of October, 2021. (Photo:

Director of Hanoi Department of Tourism Dang Huong Giang said that the Department always directs travel service businesses and destinations in the city to prepare to launch tourism products in the new and upgraded service quality as well as implement measures to ensure safety against the COVID-19 epidemic.

In addition, the Department of Tourism has advised and submitted to the City People’s Committee the approval of conceptual design documents for the production of tourist signage systems, brand identity sets, tourism logos for craft villages and Hanoi tourism souvenir products; Promulgating a pilot set of criteria for evaluating high-quality tourist spots and resorts.