Exploring Quang Tri Through the Eyes of a Vietnamese Travel Blogger

A Vietnamese travel blogger recently took an exciting journey through the western region of Quang Tri, capturing its impressive sights and wonderful natural scenery on camera. With its fresh air and breath-taking landscapes, Quang Tri made for a truly memorable experience.


In the minds of many tourists, Quang Tri is not a tourist destination renowned for new and exciting experiences. Often, visitors to this central province focus on historical sites such as Quang Tri Ancient Citadel, Hien Luong Bridge, and La Vang Holy Land.

However, Quang Tri actually boasts numerous beautiful, impressive, and unspoiled natural landscapes.

The Beauty Of Quang Tri Through Vietnamese Travel Blogger’s Lenses
Photo: Tran Minh Hieu

“I was born and raised in Quang Tri, later moving to live and work in Da Lat. Every time I return to my hometown, I take the opportunity to explore the beauty of Quang Tri, with the desire to share its impressive landscapes with friends and tourists. I am always amazed by the beauty of Quang Tri,” said Tran Minh Hieu, a tourist and travel blogger.

In early July, Hieu spent 3 days and 2 nights exploring the Dong Ha area and western Quang Tri. This region is like a hidden gem, less known to tourists but possessing breathtaking landscapes. The photos he shared online received much love and admiration on social media.

On the first day, Hieu started his journey by visiting Trieu Lang beach, An Luu village lotus pond, and Quang Tri Ancient Citadel. Afterward, he rested at a motel in Dong Ha before heading to Rao Quan hydroelectric lake to see a lonely tree. They ended the day by camping overnight on top of Cu Vo.

The Beauty Of Quang Tri Through Vietnamese Travel Blogger’s Lenses
The lotus field of Quang Tri. Photo: Tran Minh Hieu

On the second day, after successfully hunting clouds on Cu Vo Peak, Hieu visited Nam Mua Bungalows Resort, Sa Mu Pass, and Ta Puong Waterfall. They stayed overnight at the resort.

On the third and final day, Hieu visited Homi Coffee, a popular spot for its scenic views of mountains and rivers, before returning to Dong Ha.

The Beauty Of Quang Tri Through Vietnamese Travel Blogger’s Lenses
The group camped overnight. Photo: Tran Minh Hieu

“I planned each destination along the same route, ensuring they were not too far apart. It takes about 30 minutes by car to travel from Dong Ha to the beach, and the furthest point on the western route is about 50km from Dong Ha,” Hieu explained.

Due to the hot summer weather in Quang Tri, Hieu’s group opted to rent a 4-seater car for faster and more convenient transportation.

“Visitors should get up early in the morning to visit the beach or nearby places to avoid the heat,” Hieu shared his experience.

Fun-filled Solo Trip

One of the most memorable experiences of Hieu’s trip was camping overnight and going cloud-hunting early in the morning on Cu Vo Peak. Cu Vo in Huong Linh commune, Huong Hoa, Quang Tri is highly regarded by backpackers as “the most beautiful place for cloud-hunting in Quang Tri.”

The Beauty Of Quang Tri Through Vietnamese Travel Blogger’s Lenses
The Chenh Venh waterfall in Quang Tri. Photo: Tran Minh Hieu

“In the afternoon, the weather is very comfortable and slightly chilly, like in Dalat, with a breathtaking sunset. We barbecued meats, chatted, and sang together. At night, the temperature dropped, and I felt cold as I forgot to bring a warm blanket,” Minh Hieu shared.

Hieu mentioned that there is a tent rental and tour service available at Cu Vo Peak, which can be booked by first-time visitors.

During the trip, Hieu’s group also visited two waterfalls, Chenh Venh and Ta Puong. The trekking routes to the foot of the waterfalls are not too far, with just a few hundred meters for Chenh Venh and 1.5km for Ta Puong. The scenery is stunning and often surprises first-time visitors.

The Beauty Of Quang Tri Through Vietnamese Travel Blogger’s Lenses
Photo: Tran Minh Hieu

Hieu also suggested that visitors explore Cua Viet beach, Vinh Moc tunnels, Con Co island, Mui Treo, and Ru Linh primeval forest during their journey to Quang Tri.

Charlotte Pho