Emotional Journeys: Hiking Lang Son’s “Everest”

Experience a thrill with joy and more as you climb this Lang Son mountain peak.

The Emotion Rollercoaster of Hiking the Lang Son's
Phia Po peak is enticing trekkers as a lesser-known adventure destination. Photo: Vnexpress

There is a new trekking site for you to check out and it is Phia Po Peak, located in Mau Son Mountain, Lang Son province. To locals, it is also known as Cha mountain. You will challenge a difficult trekking route to reach the peak at 1,541m high, hence it is named the roof of Lang Son.

Although the road is dangerous, hikers love Phia Po for its wild beauty. To climb Phia Po is to be on an emotional rollercoaster, from excitement, elation to exhaustion, and lastly, euphoria!

First stage: Excitement

The trekking tour welcomes you with a fairytale-like forest and a shallow stream. The road is quite slippery at the beginning. You will not feel discouraged just yet because soon after the difficult departure, the road is mostly flat.

About an hour into the hike, after passing through the forest, you will see a beautiful grassland. People cannot help but exclaim: “It looks like a foreign land!”.

The Emotion Rollercoaster of Hiking the Lang Son's
Tourist its amazed by the absolute pristine beauty of Phia Po. Photo: Vnexpress

Second stage: Elation

The beautiful scenery makes everyone seem to forget their fatigue and climb even faster. This far into the hike, you should take a quick snack and water break, also relax your muscles. It is the perfect time to capture some beautiful shots of the town at the foot of the mountain.

The Emotion Rollercoaster of Hiking the Lang Son's
Hikers enjoy the beautiful scenery. Photo: Vnexpress

The houses and people from here looking down can still be seen, but very tiny and far away. The high sensation gains you more energy to take on the slope.

The Emotion Rollercoaster of Hiking the Lang Son's
The famous dinosaur spine at Phia Po. Photo: Vnexpress

After crossing the green grassland, the mist gets thicker. The journey becomes even more thrilling. Your energetic porters briskly lead the way, constantly talking about the two narrow roads ahead. The abyss on either side, shrouded in mist, creates a path above the clouds.

Locals call them the two giant dinosaur spines and the rocks lay in the middle of the path are the spine bones. The story adds to the excitement. Here, there is no turning back.

Stage three: Exhaustion

The Emotion Rollercoaster of Hiking the Lang Son's
The steep trail is challenging for hikers. Photo: Vnexpress

Now that you crossed the dinosaur spines, more wild forests and steep slopes await.

The mist and the tall trees cover most of the sunlight and the route gets more slippery if it rains. Your steps get weaker. You have to cling to bamboo branches or your hiking poles to help pull your body up. You begin to feel exhausted.

You might accidentally touch the thorny branches and hurt yourself. Hungry forest mosquitoes might come at any time. Still, you still urge to move on.

This is your chance to overcome fear and push your limit. Nature might surprise you with beautiful blooming azaleas as a reward. Nevertheless, Phia Po is a difficult trail and you should monitor your own conditions.

There is a stop if you want to rest. for those who can continue, the good new is there is only about half an hour left to reach the top.

Final stage: Euphoria!

There are many tricky passages you have to cross before you can feel that surreal alpine bliss. Besides the highest spot at 1,541, there are 3 lower peaks to discover. They are also difficult to spot because the clouds blocks your vision at this height and the wind numbs your face and hands.

But all the hard work of climbing appropriately 7km paid off as you reach the top. You find yourself stand at the highest level of Lang Son – the land of legends.

The Emotion Rollercoaster of Hiking the Lang Son's
Victory is the greatest feeling. Photo: Vnexpress

Walking these steps, you will realize it is truly possible to attune to the ancient times and feel the presence of the Gods and legends. The best reward awaits the brave. At Phia Po, you will make unforgettable memories. It is a beautiful hike that with a little bit of imagination transports you to ancient time.

Zoey Nguyễn