Da Bac – Unveiling the Hidden Beauty of Northern Vietnam

Located approximately 100km from Hanoi city, Da Bac in Hoa Binh province is an exciting destination that appeals to adventure seekers.


Da Bac (Hoa Binh) is home to numerous pristine villages with unique customs that attract many tourists, especially those seeking convenient getaways. These hidden gems offer refreshing tourism experiences, developed in recent years to meet the increasing demand of foreign tourists.

In Da Bac, adventurous activities like kayaking, camping, and hiking await. (Photo: Hoang Lan)

There are many community tourism villages to explore in Da Bac and Hoa Binh, such as Sung, Da Bia, and Ke. These villages still retain authentic housing styles like wooden stilt houses with thatched roofs of the Tay people, mud-walled houses with thatched roofs of the Dao people, and thatched-roofed bungalows of the Muong people.

(Photo: Hoang Lan)

For example, Da Bia in Tien Phong commune is an outstanding community tourism model, recognized as a 4-star OCOP (One Community One Product) specialty.

For active visitors, the local community offers activities like kayaking down the river to watch the sunset. (Photo: Hoang Lan)

Another highly recommended activity is trekking in the bamboo forest with a local guide.

Tourists trekking in the bamboo forest (Photo: Hoang Lan)

During the day, visitors can immerse themselves in the daily routines of the local community. For instance, in Sung hamlet (in Cao Son commune), women gather to make handicraft products. They not only make products for sale, but also preserve the cultural beauties of the Dao Tien people, such as calligraphy, Dao writing classes, weaving, and hand embroidery.

(Photo: Hoang Lan)

The local people are friendly and welcome foreign tourists to try on traditional clothes and take classes to learn the techniques of making handicrafts.

Sung Hamlet is rich in local beauty, attracting many tourists, of which up to 70% are foreigners. (Photo: Hoang Lan)

Tourists can also enjoy learning about the lifestyle of the Muong people, especially in Xom Ke. This village is located in Hien Luong Bay, a branch of the lake in Hoa Binh. It is home to 112 Muong households. The destination, with its vast green lakes, high mountains, and deep forests, creates a surreal oasis.

(Photo: Hoang Lan)

In community tourism villages in Da Bac, people organize artistic performances to showcase their colorful customs. The dances and songs usually revolve around their love for nature, celebrating their ancestors, and other personal topics.

(Photo: Hoang Lan)

One of the highlights of tourism activities in Da Bac is the local cuisine. Visitors can try a variety of dishes made with local ingredients and unique cooking methods. These dishes reflect the community’s culture, history, and traditions, providing tourists with a deeper understanding of the ethnic groups and their ways of life.

(Photo: Hoang Lan)
(Photo: Hoang Lan)
Zoey Nguyễn