In a guide to the most ideal destinations in September compiled by the UK-based travel company, Vietnam tops the list.

“Whilst parts of the country are delightful year-round, September is the perfect time for exploring the far north and deep south,” IntrepidTravel says.

Although Sa Pa up in the northern mountains has become more touristy in recent years, it’s still a leading haunt in September as its rice terraces turn golden yellow during the harvest season and glitter in the sunshine.

September weather also makes it the best time for a cruise on the world famous Ha Long Bay.

Autumn is the best time to visit Vietnam’s capital city, Hanoi, with its soft cool breezes, the fragrance of seasonal flowers, autumnal fruit and moonlit nights.

Da Lat, Vietnam’s holiday heaven in Vietnam’s Central Highlands, is another awesome place in autumn, as wild sunflowers go wildly into bloom, weaving a yellow carpet along the city’s streets.

Other than Vietnam, China and the Republic of Korea are the only two Asian destinations to make it into the top 10 on this September listing.

The US News newspaper earlier this month named Vietnam as one of 30 best solo travel destinations alongside neighbors Singapore and Thailand.

Earlier this year, TripAdvisor readers ranked Vietnam as one of the 10 best places to go in the world.

Vietnam plans to welcome 17-20 million foreign visitors and rake in tourism revenues of US$35 billion a year by 2020, increasing the sector’s contribution to the national economy to 10% from the current 7.5%.