Charming Tan Lap floating village

Like an oasis surrounded by a submerged melaleuca forest and a maze of narrow canals, Tan Lap floating village located in Long An province is a perfect eco-tourism site for visitors to xperience Mekong river life and nature.

From the 8-storey hotel in Tan Lap floating village in Tan Lap commune, Moc Hoa district, visitors can easily see the forest and river scenery in all directions. The hotel is also an ideal place to see herds of storks looking for food on the tops of melaleuca trees.

There are many activities in Tan Lap foating village such as walking through the melaleuca forest, going to the “observation tower” to see birds and the whole tourist site, visiting the bird taming island, canoeing around the floating village, joining folk games and rowing in lotus covered lakes.

Tourists enjoy the pristine beauty of Tan Lap floating village.

Tourists walk on the road through the longest melaleuca forest which is about 5km long.

Walking on a wooden bridge to see the Tan Lap floating village.

Rowing on the lotus covered lake.

There are strange and beautiful birds living in the village.

The highlight of the eco-tourism site is the road through Vietnam’s longest melaleuca forest which is about 5km long. This route is assembled from small plates 1m wide, divided into many branches weaving through the melaleuca forest.

Tan Lap floating village has an area of 135ha and buffer zone of 500ha planned for ecotourism in Long An and the wetlands of Dong Thap Muoi.

Another highlight of Tan Lap floating village is the “bird taming island” where thousands of local birds and storks flock to live. Visitors have to go through small canals by motorboat or canoe to reach where they can explore a range of strange and beautiful birds as well as a kind of rare ghost wild rice.

A unique form of sightseeing that the resort has recently put into use, is to explore the floating village by a system of cable boats. Visitors will sit in unmanned boats, which are pulled by an underwater cable line with a total length of nearly 3km extending along the Rach Horn river, ascending through lilies and lotus ponds.

At night, camping in the vast melaleuca forest, enjoying an outdoor buffet with many southern-flavored dishes, or going night fishing are all unforgettable experiences in Tan Lap floating village.

Story: Son Nghia – Photos: Nguyen Luan & VNA