Bringing Russian Literature Closer to Young Vietnamese

The Final Round and Award Ceremony of the International Competition called “Following the Book of Chukovsky K.I.” took place in Hanoi on December 11th.


This competition is co-organized by the Pushkin Institute under the Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Education and Training, and the Center for International Education “Interdom” named after E.D. Stasova. The event celebrates the 140th birthday of children’s writer Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky (1882 – 2022).

The contest consists of 3 categories: Poetry reading competition “Poet”; drama competition “Actor” for Russian students and foreign students who know Russian; and especially – the “Painter” painting contest is open to all those who have a love for Russian literature or have read stories and poems by Chukovsky K.I.

Bringing Russian Literature Closer to Young Vietnamese
Nguyen Thi Thu Dat, Director of Pushkin Institute gave the opening speech. Photo: Vietnamtimes

Nguyen Thi Thu Dat, Director of the Pushkin Institute, hopes that this contest can help Vietnamese students learn Russian and study Russian literature. At the same time, this event will bring excitement to reading and promote reading culture to the younger generation.

The organizing committee received the enthusiastic participation of students of all ages from Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Vietnam. A total of nearly 200 works entered the contest in all three categories: the “Poet” category with 123 works, the “Actor” category with 7 works, and the “Painter” category with 65 works. Since this event was launched, it has been well received by students from all over the world. Russian teachers in Vietnam and around the world, who participate in the “Russian Teachers Abroad” Project, have been actively guiding students to participate in this competition.

Bringing Russian Literature Closer to Young Vietnamese
Organizing committee of the photo contest and the winners. Photo: Vietnamtimes

This activity not only contributes to improving the understanding of Russian culture but also enhances the friendly cooperation between the two peoples in many fields, in the spirit of a comprehensive strategic partnership.

Da Quang