Reports: Vietnamese Tourists as Careful Travelers reported that Vietnamese travelers are highly focused on sustainability when choosing tourism destinations in the Asia-Pacific region.

242’s Asia-Pacific Travel Confidence Index (APAC) 2023 study focuses on the travel behavior of Asia-Pacific travelers and the factors influencing their travel decisions. The study provides a comprehensive analysis of tourism confidence and sustainable tourism across the region. Vietnamese Tourists
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More than 8,000 tourists from 11 countries and territories, including Vietnam, participated in the survey. The majority of travelers agree that the pandemic has changed the way they travel. Vietnamese Tourists
Vietnamese tourists prefer sightseeing tours or prioritize family vacations after the impact of the pandemic (Photo: Dep To Ong)

According to the report, there are four types of tourist groups, each with specific characteristics in their motivations, priorities, and behaviors towards tourism.

Vietnamese tourists show a preference for sightseeing and family vacations. 53% of Vietnamese tourists prefer natural scenery, 52% want to have more trips to spend quality time with family, and 40% want to travel more cautiously.

Vietnamese tourists have a high interest in sustainable tourism

Vietnam is the only market in the Asia-Pacific region that belongs to the Mindful Voyagers group – a group that approaches tourism with caution, environmental responsibility, and a desire to support local communities. In other words, Vietnamese tourists have the highest interest in sustainable tourism in the Asia-Pacific region.

Most Vietnamese tourists tend to choose to visit beaches and islands (61%), big cities (60%), or engage in physical activities and sports (45%) during their trips. Vietnamese Tourists
Most Vietnamese tourists tend to choose to visit beaches and islands on holiday vacations (Photo: Vietnamnet)

Leisure travel remains an important part of life for 45% of visitors surveyed, now that most concerns about the disease have been eliminated. 83% of Vietnamese travelers are planning trips within the next 12 months, 45% have booked a domestic trip, and 26% have booked their next international trip (within 12 months).

The report states that for most travelers, financial status is the biggest concern, along with health, medical risks, and other travel disruptions. On the other hand, the report also shows that in order to save travel costs, 44% of travelers choose to go in off-peak months, 43% take advantage of loyalty programs to offset costs, and 28% opt for less expensive means of transportation.

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