Binh Lieu: The “Great Wall” of Vietnam

When people think of Quang Ninh, they usually think of Ha Long Bay, Bai Chay, or Co To. These tourist spots seem to have eclipsed other tourist attractions. Binh Lieu is a rather new name on the tourist map of Quang Ninh, but with its majestic natural scenery, this place is increasingly being visited by many tourists.

Binh Lieu: The
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Binh Lieu is a district located in the northeast of Quang Ninh province, Binh Lieu is about 300 km from Hanoi. This place has a mild year-round climate, diverse terrain structure, and beautiful natural scenery, which is like a “miniature Sapa” also known as the “Great Wall” of Vietnam because the mountains here are shaped like giant winding walls.

The highlight of Binh Lieu tourism is probably the towering ridges covered with white reed grass in late autumn and early winter, or the charming beauty of terraced fields and Khe Van waterfall. But that’s not all, Binh Lieu also has attractive “challenging” destinations, especially for young people.

Binh Lieu: The
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Binh Lieu has a diverse topographical structure of the high mountains belonging to the Dong Trieu – Mong Cai front. There are some peaks above sea level (over 1000 meters) such as Cao Ba Lanh (1,113 meters high), and Cao Xiem peak (1,472 meters high). In the total natural area of 47,510.5 ha, the agricultural land area of the district is very narrow, about 7,000 ha, accounting for 15.6% of the total land area of the district. The total forestry land area of Binh Lieu is about 34,683.78ha, accounting for 73%, suitable for growing some specialty trees such as cinnamon and truffle; wood species such as pine, acacia, and some fruit trees. This is a very chill check-in place for young people who are passionate about traveling.

Binh Lieu: The
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To be able to admire the beauty of Binh Lieu in the reed season, tourists should come here from October to November. Along the way, they could see the picturesque, stretching meadows of reeds in the season. What could be more wonderful than traveling among the vast fields and taking “cute” pictures?

Also around October every year, Binh Lieu appears rustic and peaceful with golden rice fields as shiny as those in Sapa and Mu Cang Chai. Tourists can feel the gentle and peaceful breath of life here.

Each season, this place has its own interesting points to attract visitors. In the spring, tourists will have the opportunity to participate in special festivals such as the Luc Na communal house festival, the Soong Co singing festival, the day “abstaining from the wind,” or admire the red maple leaves.

In the summer, visitors can watch rolling waterfalls and green terraces. In autumn, they can go to the reed meadows along both sides of the road. In winter, if visitors are lucky, they can even see the ice with their own eyes. The end of the year is the harvest season and the occasion of the flower festival and the new rice celebration.

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