Best dishes to savor in Ha Nam

Ha Nam seems to be a little strange in Vietnam’s culinary map. However, in fact, it has a series of delicious dishes that will surely leave you with a strong impression.


Vu Dai braised fish

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Photo: VOV

Braised fish is a traditional dish of Vietnamese people for generations. In particular, braised fish in Vu Dai village, Nhan Hau commune in the northern Ha Nam province has long acquired its reputation not only in Vietnam but also in the world.

The recipe of braising fish has handed down from generation to generation, hence, the dish owns a distinctive flavor that can’t be found elsewhere.

The aroma of fish, the greasy taste of pork along with the fragrance of alpinia, ginger, lemon juice will make you want to try for more.

Pho cuon Phy Ly (Phu Ly stuffed pancake)

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Photo: Foody

It would be a big shortcoming if you do not mention Phu Ly stuffed pancake in the list of “must-try” delicacies in Ha Nam.

Stuffed pancake is ubiquitous across Vietnam, however, Phu Ly stuffed pancake has a unique taste. Its difference lies in the fact that Phu Ly stuffed pancake is served with grilled meat; meanwhile, ones in other provinces are served with Cha que (Vietnamese roasted cinnamon pork) or Cha lua (Vietnamese pork bologna).

Mam cay Binh Luc (fermented salted sesarmidae sauce)

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Photo: Kienthuc

Mam cay is made from the most delicious and freshest sesarmidaes. Sesarmidaes are ground, then marinated with salt, ginger, alpinia, chilly, etc and put in a pot waiting for being fermented.

The eye-catching look of chilly combining with the nostalgic savor of fermented sesarmidaes will certainly conquer your taste buds.

If you have the opportunity to set foot in Ha Nam, do not miss this scrumptious dish.

Bun ca ro(rice vermicelli with anabas fish)

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Photo: Foody

Bun ca ro is another specialty of Ha Nam. The main ingredients include rice vermicelli, fried anabas, spring onion, tomato, and an indispensable part- broth which is stewed from pork bone.

The certain crunchiness of fried anabas, the sweetness of broth, and the softness of vermicelli allure all senses of eaters. There is nothing more perfect than enjoying a bowl of Bun ca ro amidst the cold air of the northern region.

Tai Kenh noodles

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Photo: Dulichfun

Tai Kenh village is well-known for its certain tough and delectable noodles. Tai Kenh noodle requires meticulous and skillful chefs. Making noodles goes through many steps including soaking rice, grinding rice, kneading, boiling, and pounding.

Tai Kenh noodle is preferred by both domestic and foreign customers.