Bau Trang landscape is located in Mui Ne National Tourist Area, which was recognised in 2020. It has many different names, including Bau Sen and Bach Ho. “Bau” means “lake” in the local language. There are two popular roads from Phan Thiet City to Bau Trang: following National Highway 1A and then turning to Luong Son Town to pass through the sparkling sand dunes, or following the Mui Ne – Hon Rom direction to go along the poetic blue sea.

According to the local tourism sector, Bau Trang is a natural freshwater lake formed naturally by a complex process of natural movement. The lake stretches 3 kilometres and has an average depth of 5 metres. The ecosystem in the lake is quite rich, from algae and moss to many varieties of fish. The lotus flowers in the lake have been planted by people, adding further charm to the scenery. During the four seasons, the pink lotus flowers and green lotus leaves beside the sand dunes create a peaceful and cool ‘oasis’, soothing the dry heat of the desert. Many visitors have enjoyed the experience of rowing boats on the lake to inhale the scent of the flowers and show off their fishing skills.

Surrounding Bau Trang is a smooth and white sand dune with a beautiful name, Trinh Nu. On the sand dune, there is the option to take an off-road motorcycle service to cross the sand and go skateboarding on the sand with reasonable costs. At dawn or dusk, photographers often ‘hunt’ for stunning images of sunrise and sunset in this unique place. Many photos have won international and national prizes.

In addition to being immersed in nature in Bau Trang, visitors can explore many destinations imbued with Cham culture nearby including the temple dedicated to Goddess Thien Y A Na (Holy Mother of the Cham community in the Southern Central region), Po Sah Inu Tower, Po Klong Garai Temple, Phan Thanh Brocade Village and Go Binh Duc Pottery Village.