Ba Dong Beach – An Enchanting Getaway for Summer Bliss in Tra Vinh

Ba Dong Beach, a renowned and captivating destination in Tra Vinh Province, boasts a picturesque charm that beckons visitors to indulge in its idyllic embrace. This captivating stretch of golden sands invites travelers to embark on an unforgettable summer sojourn, promising moments of tranquility and rejuvenation amidst its breathtaking surroundings.


Ba Dong Beach is located in Truong Long Hoa Commune, Duyen Hai District, approximately 55 km from Tra Vinh City. Ba Dong coast boasts a pristine 10km stretch of white sand, with crystal-clear waters and invigorating fresh air.

Ba Dong Beach is blessed with a picturesque blue landscape. Photo: @kyuctuoitre.doankhoitravinh

According to local lore, Ba Dong Beach derives its name from the three sand caves that emerge with each tide. These caves vary in size, with two smaller ones and a uniquely shaped larger one. Ba Dong Beach is also one of the few beaches in the Southwest region to feature a continuous stretch of sand extending from Nha Mat to Con Egg hamlet.

During the colonial era, the French constructed a resort for relaxation and swimming. This resort was also frequented by Vietnamese for weekend getaways and vacations.

Unfortunately, wars have ravaged the road systems leading to Ba Dong Beach. Authorities in Tra Vinh Province are currently assessing the possibility of reconstructing these roads. The Tra Vinh tourism office also has plans to renovate and develop the Ba Dong seaside resort, transforming it into an alluring tourist destination in the Cuu Long River Delta.

The breathtaking sunset at Ba Dong beach. Photo:

A notable characteristic of this beach is its shallow sandy shore and gentle waves, providing a safe environment for visitors to enjoy the natural surroundings. Ba Dong Beach remains relatively unspoiled by tourism, preserving much of its natural beauty.

With its expansive sandy beach and lush green coconut trees, tourists can embark on leisurely strolls at sunrise, soaking in the tranquil atmosphere of Ba Dong. From the hotels and restaurants nestled amidst rustling poplars, visitors can gaze out towards the distant sea, where fishing boats diligently sail, contributing to the country’s abundant resources. Here, they can indulge in fresh seafood at incredibly affordable prices.

Ba Dong Beach offers a wide array of seafood restaurants specializing in traditional southwestern Vietnamese cuisine, featuring fresh catches from the ocean. Delectable dishes include crab sauce served with bananas, carambola, girdle cakes, or rice rolls, as well as boiled meat.

The beach is dotted with bungalows and cots at various price ranges, allowing tourists to unwind to the soothing rhythm of the waves. Visitors can also enjoy sandboarding on the numerous dunes. Other attractions include a lighthouse, shrimp lakes, and small islets.

Bungalows and cots line the beach, offering relaxation to the sounds of the waves. Photo: @diem.tt_do

Tra Vinh is renowned for its Khmer Chol Chnam Thmay (New Year) festival, which features captivating events such as traditional dance performances and lantern releases. This festival typically takes place in mid-April, providing visitors with the opportunity to combine a trip to Ba Dong beach with this cultural celebration.

Just 7 kilometers from the beach lies an impressive mangrove forest. Gentle breezes invigorate beachgoers with their fresh, invigorating air. After enjoying various physical activities, tourists can indulge in a culinary adventure at the beachside.

Tra Vinh Vietnam is situated in the Mekong Delta, between the Tien and Hau Rivers, bordering the provinces of Ben Tre, Vinh Long, and Soc Trang. In addition to being nestled between major rivers, Tra Vinh Vietnam boasts a 65-kilometer coastline, contributing to the region’s fertility and abundance of orchards bearing delectable fruits.

Savor the delectable seafood dishes of Tra Vinh. Photo: @thamhiemmekong

Tourism in Tra Vinh Vietnam holds immense potential for development. Visitors to this region can explore the fascinating cultural fusion of three ethnic groups: the Kinh, Khmer, and Chinese. They can also admire the unique Khmer architecture showcased in over 142 pagodas.

Indulge in the distinct flavors of local cuisine. The most notable delicacy is the Macapuno Coconut, a subspecies of coconut with unique flesh and a thick, creamy coconut meat that surpasses the richness and softness of regular coconuts.

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