The survey was conducted with more than 1,103 Vietnamese adults, conducted online from July 15 to 19.

The results of the survey showed that two in five surveyed Vietnamese said restriction-free travel within Asia would resume in the next six months while 38% of respondents anticipate all international destinations to reopen to tourists by the year-end.

Females marginally more inclined to anticipate restriction-free domestic travel (63% vs 56% among males). 35-44 year olds are least optimistic for restriction-free travel (52%). For travel in Asia – 40% expect to travel without restrictions within six months, with 45-54 year olds being more likely to expect this (52%) versus 38% of 25-34 year olds. International travel with restrictions is expected by 62%, with those aged 55+ being least likely to expect travel restrictions to still be in place in six months.

In terms of inbound tourism, almost half of respondents don’t expect in-bound travel to resume for at least 12 months or until 80% of Vietnamese are vaccinated while the rest said they didn’t know when inbound tourism would recover.

Countrywide, most people expect in-bound travel to only resume 7-11 months from now (21%). Those from Da Nang are most optimistic, expecting that in-bound travel will pick up within 4-6 months, while people over the age of 55 are most likely to believe in-bound travel is over one year away.

While Covid-19 has delayed travel plans for most Vietnamese, 63% of respondents expect travel providers to adhere to strict Covid-19 protocols during future trips.

A total 57% hoped all travellers would have had at least one vaccine dose before they make future trips while over a third wanted travel agencies to provide flexible options for cancelation and booking changes, the survey stated.

“Like many countries in this region, Vietnam relies heavily on tourism, so it’s great to see that with some safety protocols and measures in place, and means to identify them like Hygiene Plus, the public is optimistic that travel will rebound, in quarters rather than years.

We are helping our partners with tech solutions to ensure that we can make it as hassle-free as possible to connect them with travellers whenever it’s safe to travel again.” said Errol Cooke, Vice President of Partner Services.