They have not returned home for several months and are ready for every situation at the front line during the fight against the epidemic.

Within the isolation treatment zone, patients are segregated into separate areas depending on the level of Covid-19 infection risk and the severity of the disease, including an area for suspected infection cases, one for infected patients and another for patients with serious complications.

So far, the hospital received and treated 143 cases that were confirmed positive for SARS-CoV-2, including 15 patients with severe complications, of which five are currently in life-threatening conditions.

Thanks to the great efforts of all medical staff and employees in the hospital, 110 patients have recovered. Only two patients are currently on mechanical ventilation but they are capable of communication.

The area for taking samples from patients for testing.

The white-shirted soldiers taking samples every day.

The doctors continuously hold consultations for infection cases.

The patients are cared for and examined regularly.

The working and resting area for medical staff in the hospital.

Patients doing exercise to improve their health.

Within the isolation area, patients receive special care so that they feel secure throughout their treatment.