Medical workers and volunteers ready to support the exam at a testing venue at Nguyen Gia Thieu High School in Long Bien district.

A volunteer youth shows a candidate the way to the exam venue.

A student has his temperature checked before entering the testing room.

A total of 20 testing rooms were set up at Nguyen Gia Thieu High School with the participation of 448 candidates.

An invigilator verifies the identity of a student in a testing room.

All students were asked to complete health declaration forms online before June 11 and strictly follow the ‘5K message’.

On this morning, the students sat a 90-minute Vietnamese literature test and a 45-minute foreign language test. Tomorrow morning, they will do their mathematics and history tests with a duration of 90 minutes and 45 minutes respectively.

Medical staff have been mobilised to participate in the organisation of the exams, handling any health issue arising at the testing venue.

The exam council also arranges waiting areas for parents when dropping off and picking up their children.