Ho Xuan Huong stadium in Ho Chi Minh City was always full of spectators cheering for the top competitions from players.

The joy of coaches and players from VINCEM Hoang Thach Hai Duong whey they were crowned champions in the men’s team category.

The 11-year-old player Nguyen Nhu Quynh impressively passed many “seniors to enter the Round 1/16 in the singles category for women.

At the 37th Nhan Dan Newspaper National Table Tennis Tournament, the 15-year-old Tran Mai Ngoc entered the final in the women’s singles event.

Doan Ba Tuan Anh (from VICEM Hoang Thach Hai Duong celebrates his victory in the men’s singles final.

The coaches provide players with water, encouragement and reminders during the break.

Player Doan Kien Quoc sharing his joy with his relatives after winning the second prize in the men’s doubles event at the 37th Nhan Dan Newspaper National Table Tennis Championships.

The collection of medals from the Ho Chi Minh City team after the 37th tournament.

Player Nguyen Thi Nga’s happiness after she won the championship at the 36th Nhan Dan Newspaper National Table Tennis Championships.

Players Tran Tuan Quynh and Nguyen Anh Tu (from T&T Club) claimed the men’s doubles championship at the 35th edition.

Dinh Quang Linh from the Army’s team raises the men’s singles championship trophy at the 34th tournament.

The Miss Beauty of the 2016 tournament was player Nguyen Thi Nga. This was the first time the organisers voted for this title.