The young Portuguese came to visit the booth before it was officially opened. In 2017, Nhan Dan Newspaper started organising a booth about Vietnam. Therefore, knowing that Vietnam would be attending this year’s festival, many people came to Vietnam’s booth very early.

José Miguel Moutiho Barbosa and his friends were delighted to receive a book about President Ho Chi Minh. He said that when he was a child, he heard a lot about President Ho Chi Minh, a leader who is admired by many people in Portugal.

Books on President Ho Chi Minh, the Communist Party of Vietnam, renovation and international integration, as well as the country and people of Vietnam changing for the better.

Many Portuguese and international friends stayed for a long time at the gallery to listen to the introduction about Vietnam, looking forward to receiving books to study the milestones in the history of the country that they have loved for so long.

Many young people immediately recognised the Vietnamese booth because there was a photo of President Ho Chi Minh – the great leader of the Vietnamese revolution, who they heard about from their parents since childhood.

Some epidemic prevention and control measures continue to be maintained in Portugal, such as keeping a distance in crowded places. Therefore, visitors to the Vietnamese booth patiently waited for their turn to view the photos and documents.

Albert Tejedor was delighted to receive a newspaper published on April 30. He said that his father always mentioned Vietnam, in which South Vietnam was liberated on April 30 so that the country of Vietnam could be reunified. It was an unforgettable historical event for many Portuguese who strongly supported the just resistance war of the Vietnamese Party and people. Albert Tejedor himself followed his father to participate in pro-Vietnam events from a young age. He said that the admiration and affection for Vietnam continues among young people in Portugal today.

Young people from Northern Europe study the publications of Nhan Dan Newspaper.

The Nhan Dan Newspaper’s booth is always crowded with visitors. Those who have participated in Vietnam’s resistance war activities come to share old memories, while many young people learn about Vietnam in the period of renovation and international integration and look forward to visiting Vietnam soon after the epidemic is over.

International friends recorded memories at the booth with the Vietnamese Party and Fatherland flags that they found familiar, impressive, and recognisable from afar.

The Nhan Dan Newspaper delegation attended the seminar “For peace, sovereignty and social progress”. The delegates continuously applauded Vietnam’s achievements in the country’s development and international integration, while at the same time expressing solidarity and hope that Vietnam would soon control the epidemic.

Due to the epidemic, the number of people attending the Avante Press Conference this year is limited to 40,000 people per day, less than half of what it has been in the years before the epidemic.

Customers wait in line for their turn to visit the Vietnamese booth