In order to ensure the safety of epidemic prevention and control, people must make a medical declaration when coming to Ho Chi Minh City Book Street.

After that, visitors will scan COVID-19 green cards, COVID-19 yellow cards or a certificate for an F0 that has recovered from the disease within the previous 180 days.

Guests are also requested to have a body temperature check and disinfect their hands automatically at the entrance gate.

Each bookstore has a sign to guide the entrance and exit of guests.

At the cashier counter of each stall, there is a “splash shield” between employees and customers.

Many families choose Ho Chi Minh City Book Street as a place to visit on Saturdays and weekends.

Many foreign tourists visited Ho Chi Minh City Book Street on the first day of reopening.

According to records from Ho Chi Minh City’s book street company, the total number of visitors to the book street on the morning of October 9 was about 300 people, with revenue of about VND 50 million for the 20 stalls that reopened.

Most parents come to Book Street to buy books for their children after social distancing.