Since the 70s of the last century, the H’Mong people in the communes of Hong Ngai, Ta Xua, Hang Chu, Hang Dong, Xim Vang and Pac Nga have continuously reclaimed and opened land to increase the area of terraced fields. Up to now, the district has 1,835 hectares of terraced fields, of which, Xim Vang commune boast 321 hectares alone.
During harvest season, the H’Mong people start to harvest rice. Everyone from old to young, from men and women to children who are still on their mothers’ backs are present in the fields. They are happy because their upland rice can be harvested.

The whole family goes to the field

A baby goes to the field with his mother

Harvesting rice in the field.

Threshing paddy rice in the village.

Buffaloes are released to the fields to eat grass in the harvested fields.