The 13-kilometre line runs on elevated tracks through 12 stations from Cat Linh Station in Dong Da District to Yen Nghia Station in Ha Dong District.

Construction of the line, which costs US$868 million, began in 2011 and was scheduled for completion in 2017 but it has been delayed multiple times.

Passengers can use the line free of charge during the first 15 days of commercial service. After that, the fares will start at VND7,000 (US$0.31) for the shortest distance while the maximum cost will be VND15,000 (US$0.65) for the entire line.

Commuters can enjoy unlimited rides in a single day at VND30,000 (US$1.31) while a monthly pass will cost VND200,000 (US$8.72), with a 50% reduction in price for students.

A passenger shows his ticket card which is printed with the Khue Van Pavilion, a symbol of Hanoi, and other necessary information.

Hanoians are eager to take photos on the train.

A passenger captures the outside view from inside of the train.

Station staff are always present to help passengers swipe the ticket cards for entering the platform.

Wheelchair accessible elevators inside a station

A station staff reminds passengers to comply with railway safety guidelines.

A janitor cleans the floor of a station.

Passengers exit the platform by both escalator and normal staircase.

Passengers take photos of an oncoming train.

A station staff instructs kids to use the service.

Signposts showing the stations on the line and train directions

A memorable experience for Hanoians