Compared to previous years, the number of customers queuing up early to buy gold has not been high. At 5 am on February 10, there were only about 10 people standing in line at the location in Tran Nhan Tong yellow street (Hanoi).

Most gold shops were open from 5 am to welcome customers instead of 8 am as usual. (Photo: THANH DAT)

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the number of customers queuing to buy gold in the early morning was not as high as in previous years. (Photo: THANH DAT)

The number of customers transacting at DOJI Tran Nhan Tong street was also higher than usual. (Photo: THANH DAT)

The gold shops on Tran Nhan Tong street at 6:30 a.m. are quite deserted, not crowded, with people lined up like previous years. (Photo: THANH DAT)

On this year’s God of Wealth Day, many gold shops saw a deserted situation different from previous years. (Photo: THANH DAT)

Gold shops carried out many promotional gift programmes to attract people to shop for good luck. (Photo: THANH DAT)

Gold models on the God of Wealth Day. (Photo: THANH DAT)

This golden tiger mascot “Kim Dan Vuong Bao” is made from 9999 gold at DOJI store. (Photo: THANH DAT)

This year, products featuring the Golden Tiger – the mascot of the Year of the Tiger, are much loved by many people. (Photo: THANH DAT)

In addition to the main products on the God of Wealth Day, people also buy jewelery for luck. (Photo: THANH DAT)

Gold trading units have strengthened their anti-epidemic measures to ensure the safety of customers buying gold directly at stores. (Photo: THANH DAT)

DOJI staff measure the temperature of customers before being allowed to make a purchase. (Photo: THANH DAT)

A DOJI representative also said that regarding products serving God of Wealth Day, it launched 380,000 products of all kinds, up 15% over the same period last year. (Photo: THANH DAT)

Closing the session yesterday (February 9), the domestic gold bar price listed by the Doji Jewelry Group was at 61 million VND per tael (buy in) and 62.4 million VND per tael (sold out) ). (Photo: THANH DAT)

Customers who buy gold at DOJI Le Duan enjoying the gifts and discount vouchers. (Photo: THANH DAT)

Customers enjoying gifts and discount vouchers. (Photo: THANH DAT)

In addition, the units also strengthened online sales channel featuring pre-order and, deliveries on the day of God of Fortune. (Photo: THANH DAT)