The three collections feature the themes of ‘Tracing the Past’, ‘I Love Vietnamese Ao Dai’, and ‘Smart City.’

Designs in the ‘Tracing the Past’ collection were made from silk, recalling the traditional Ao Dai outfit of Vietnamese women in the past.

Meanwhile, creations in the ‘I Love Vietnamese Ao Dai’ were tailored manually to enhance the charm of the traditional Vietnamese long dress.

The ‘Smart City’ collection includes designs that highlight Ho Chi Minh City as a green, modern and beautiful city.

Viet Hung’s Ao Dai collections were brought to the stage through runway walks of more than 100 artists, including models, singers, actors and actresses.

Actor Hieu Hien and his children dressed in Ao Dai designs by Viet Hung.

The family of singer Hoang Bach wearing Ao Dai creations by Viet Hung.

US singer Kyo York (L) on the catwalk in a design by Viet Hung.

Through his collections, Hung aimed to praise Ao Dai, an intangible cultural heritage and unique costume of Vietnam.

The Ho Chi Minh City Ao Dai Festival 2022 is taking place from March 5 to May 14 at Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street in District 1.

Themed ‘I Love Vietnamese Ao Dai’, the festival aims to honour the beauty of the traditional outfit while encouraging local residents and tourists to wear Ao Dai.

The event also contributes to preserving and upholding the national culture, while promoting the land and people of Vietnam, and Ho Chi Minh City in particular.