The contents proposed on the agenda were successfully finished.

This is the first time the AIPA has been held online, affirming the flexibility, responsibility and high determination of the Vietnamese NA in the role of AIPA chair as well as AIPA members in strengthening solidarity and cooperation to overcome all difficulties.

Over 380 delegates, including 11 NA leaders from ten member parliaments, attended AIPA-41 via teleconference.

The AIPA-41 held six sessions, frankly and usefully discussing common issues of ASEAN and AIPA and successfully completing the contents set out in the agenda.

The highlight of the AIPA-41 was the enhancement of the participation of young parliaments in the building of the ASEAN Community.

An exciting atmosphere at the discussions of the committees.

Vietnamese delegates conversing together during the break.

Numerous reporters from press agencies reporting the event.

E-signatures from the heads of delegations representing AIPA member parliaments to adapt the AIPA-41’s Joint Communiqué.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, NA Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, emphasised that the Vietnamese NA is always willing to jointly build a new vision for ASEAN parliamentary diplomacy in order to bring AIPA into a new development stage of practicality, efficiency and greater connection within ASEAN.