Stewed black chicken with winter melon

Stewed black chicken with winter melon is not only a delicious dish but also an effective remedy for health recovery used by northwestern people for thousands of years. 

Ethnic people living in the northwestern region of Vietnam raise black chickens in their hillside gardens. Black chickens are usually stewed with herbs used as medicine and an energizing food for sick people to recover quickly.

Stewed black chicken with winter melon is a nutritious dish which is good for the kidneys and blood circulation. It is also effective in preventing and treating constipation, inflammation, cough and asthma, and in detoxification.

The dish’s ingredients include black chicken, winter melon, red beans and green beans.

Stewed black chicken with winter melon.

It is not difficult to make this dish. The stew is cooked until the chicken and winter melon are tender with a lovely fragrance. The dish is beautifully displayed with the chicken stew put in a winter melon which is finely split into two.

With the northern climate, stewed black chicken with winter melon is likened to a harmonious taste of the mountainous northwest when red beans, green beans and lotus seeds are added to the stew./.

Tourists can try this special dish at:

Doc Quan restaurant
26 Phan Ke Binh street, Ba Dinh district
or 86 Hoang Ngan street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi.
Story: Bich Van – Photos: Tran Thanh Giang