Yen Tu apricot wine

Visitors to Quang Ninh can enjoy cups of Yen Tu apricot wine, with its special warm taste. After being carefully selected from a special type of apricot grown in Yen Tu, the fruits are naturally fermented in a process based on Japanese technology. The taste of Yen Tu apricot wine is mildly sour and sweet, blended with a natural fragrance which comforts drinkers.

Co To dry squid

Selected from the freshest squids and prepared with local people’s deft hands and skills, the natural conditions of sunshine and fresh air on the island give rise to the special taste of the dry squid. Squid are caught at night, before being laid out in the sun the next morning and left for two days when the sun is strong, or three days when the sun is less strong, and then carefully packed to be preserved. Co To dried squid has white flesh and pink skin, is very fragrant when cooked and has naturally sweet meat.

Hoanh Bo honey

Hoanh Bo honey products are made in Hoanh Bo district, Quang Ninh province. Pure honey is taken from bees feeding on wild flowers, and it is not mixed or changed in any way. Hoanh Bo honey has a special flavour, coming from the forest flowers the bees feed on, with a light fragrance, natural sweetness and absolutely purity that local and foreign consumers enjoy.

Gat Gu cakes

The cakes are made from rice rolled into a long rice pancake that is best eaten fresh. The cakes are a speciality of Tien Yen district in Quang Ninh province. High quality rice is soaked in water for a day before being powdered and used to make the cakes.

Quang Yen fermented pork roll

The raw materials for making Quang Yen fermented pork roll include lean pork, pork skin, spices and additives. In the skilful hands of the villagers of Quang Yen they are made into fermented pork roll products with unique flavour and character. For the people of Quang Yen, fermented pork roll is a source of great pride and also the livelihood of many families.

Pemmican oysters & mussel

Pemmican oysters and mussels are often blended with pork, fish sauce and sugar to create a delicious dish with high nutritional value. Rich in zinc, low in fat, and containing no bad cholesterol, it is believed to reduce cardiovascular risk, boost energy and increase immunity for the body.

Pemmican oysters are usually added to soup or served with sticky rice or bread, creating dishes with a characteristic sweet taste. They are a speciality of Van Don district, Quang Ninh province and something that tourists should look out for to try when they visit the area.

Quang Yen “Ngan”

“Ngan” is a class of marine bivalve mollusks which live in saltwater and freshwater habitats throughout the country. However, the large edible mussels are only found at the Bach Dang gateway area adjacent to Quang Ninh province and Haiphong city. The most popular way to cook them is to grill or boil and served with chilli sauce, pepper, salt, fresh lemon and herbs. Ngan porridge is also enjoyed with onion, herbs, pepper and dried fried onions. Alternatively, ngan can be fried with noodles and borecole to make a very tasty dish.

Yellow flower tea

The tea trees are rare and precious. The flowers of this species can be used to make tea which is believed to have many health benefits when drunk. These include regulating body fats, blood glucose levels, detoxing the liver and kidneys, preventing thrombosis and cancers, slowing down the development of tumours, protecting the urinary system and killing bacteria as well as having anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects. Yellow flower tea trees grow best in Ba Che district.

Van Don “sa sung”

Known by locals as sa sung or ‘sea worm’, sipuncula occur naturally in Quang Ninh, where 70% of its population are found on the beaches of Van Don islands, including Minh Chau, Quan Lan, Ban Sen, Thang Loi, and Dong Xa. In the past, the sea worm was caught only to pay tribute to the kings. These days, it is still an expensive delicacy. Sa sung can be used fresh or dried in steamed dishes or to make pho both sweeter and tastier.

Tien Yen chicken

Tien Yen is known for its chicken dishes. Tien Yen chicken are sweet-scented with firm flesh that stays succulent when cooked. The chicken are bred locally and roam freely on the hill slopes around the area. The meat is cooked in various ways but is most delicious when boiled and served with dipping sauce.

Halong grilled chopped squid

Halong squid balls are a famous specialty in Quang Nam, ranked among the Top 500 most popular Vietnamese culinary specialties. Nep cai hoa vang glutinous rice alcohol is a special food additive used in the preparation of Halong grilled chopped squid. The ingredients for the dish are ground before being kneaded and fried. The process of frying grilled chopped squid requires care be taken to ensure the temperature is correct-if the temperature of the fire is too low, the squid will shrink, but if it is too high, the squid will burn and turn an unattractive colour.