Delicacy Found at Local Fish Market: Braised Giant Mudskippers with Pepper

In the southernmost province of Ca Mau, there are many delicious dishes cooked using giant mudskippers, such as fish braised with soy sauce, grilled with chili and salt and salad. However, the most favourite and popular is giant mudskippers braised with pepper.  


The locals in the southernmost province of Ca Mau have various methods for catching giant mudskippers. These include fishing during the daytime, using a flashlight at night to attract them, and using fish traps. However, the most popular technique involves placing a coconut-leaf pleated pot at the mouth of the mudskippers’ burrows.

Giant mudskippers braised with pepper is a specialty of the southernmost province of Ca Mau.

To prepare the mudskippers for cooking, they must be cleaned, scaled, and gutted. They are then mixed with seasonings such as milled pepper, fish sauce, salt, chili, sugar, caramel syrup, and coconut milk.

Next, the prepared ingredients are placed in an earthen pot along with sliced pork and a little water. The mixture is then simmered over a low fire until the fish and pork are well-blended and brown. Finally, sliced spring onions are added. The dish is best served with hot rice or gruel, along with pickled cucumber and basil.

Giant Mudskipper is listed as one of the six strangest animal species in the world due to its prominent eyes.

The fish can move quickly across a muddy surface and is capable of breathing both in and out of water.

This species lives in burrows in the mud and emerges from the burrow during low tide on sunny days.

Story: Van Quy – Photos: Nguyen Luan