Choosing white as the theme color, the resort reminds guests of Paris, with sparkling chandeliers, elegant wooden furniture, and contemporary artworks. A highlight is a Rome-style flower garden associated with the Trevi Fountain and statue of Neptune.

The resort preserves the heritage of the oriental spirit and local residents, with brocade decorations, hand-woven carpets, and photos of mountainous Vietnamese people.

Every room of the luxury resort boasts a lovely balcony and a large terrace, promising a uniquely sophisticated experience.

Samu Restaurant offers Western cuisine and features an international breakfast buffet each morning, then transforms into a casual restaurant with lunch and dinner buffets.

For lovers of Italian food, chefs at Olivio Restaurant create Mediterranean flavors mixed with traditional Italian cuisine that will tantalize taste bud of any gourmet.

Chi Spa will perfect the day with professional massage and therapy treatments.

Officially put into service late last year, Silk Path Grand Resort & Spa Sapa is expected to become a symbol of elegance in Sapa with its outstanding service and style of classical Europe. It was named “Best Leisure Property in Vietnam 2018” at the Vietnam Property Awards 2018 ceremony.

Silk Path Grand Resort & Spa Sapa is developed and managed by Silk Path Hotels & Resorts, a leader in Vietnamese hospitality industry with a distinctive collection and an extensive reputation for excellence.