The newly-operated bookstore is dubbed as a European book city where visitors can see crossroads and road signs named after William Shakespeare, Victor Hugo, Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, Aristoteles and Voltaire, as well as other famous figures.

Around 100,000 books ranging from children’s works, novels, and literature, economic, business and foreign books are carefully arranged on the differently shaped shelves, which have sparked interest in reading among kids.

It may take visitors around an hour to take a stroll around the bookstore comprising different areas such as book shelves, private reading spaces, book café, kid’s corner and other stalls selling stationery and souvenirs.

Nguyen An Tiem, deputy head of the Vietnam Publishing Association, told the Daily that the launch of the modern-designed bookstore is aimed to nurture reading culture among city dwellers and catch up with the global trend.

“I hope more cultural activities and programs will be held for readers to exchange with authors,” Tiem said. “Book launches and discussions will be organized at the bookstore in the coming time.” 

Huynh Phuoc Huong Thu, a tenth-grade student of Nguyen Du High School in District 10, says she is captivated by the amazing design of the bookstore with the names of timeless-renowned writers in Europe appearing on the road signs.

A 27-year-old staff of the bookstore says the facility was officially opened to readers on January 25 and is crowded with visitors, especially students on weekend days.

Van Hanh Mall is located at 11 Su Van Hanh Street, District 10. The eight-story building was opened to business late last month.