Hi-tech games

On the occasion of the biggest and longest national holiday, Dam Sen Park in District 11 has put into service two new games – Power Surge and Mystery Castle.

Power Surge is a thrilling game which originates in Europe and is appropriate for adrenaline junkies.

Meanwhile, Mystery Castle is a game area featuring dozens of virtual interactive technology games which are yet present in Vietnam. The area is designed with two separate zones for adults and children.

Some adventurous games such as mountain climbing, forest exploration, shooting and treasure hunting are only for adults while kids can feel free to join educational games, including Livesea, drawing, interactive sliding and animal world.

Fireworks shows

One of the most anticipated activities during Tet is firework displays. Dam Sen Park is one of seven sites in the city to display fireworks in 15 minutes on Lunar New Year’s Eve, which falls on February 15 this year.

Valentine programs

A range of promotions will be available for couples on Valentine’s Day, February 14 (the 29th of the lunar December). Those couples in twin costumes will need to buy just one ticket for admission to the park on the day.

Tet celebrations

The park will organize a dog festival to ring in the Year of the Dog on February 25 (the 10th of the first lunar month). Those taking their dogs to the park will be admitted free or entitled to a 50% discount on an all-in-one ticket. 

Additionally, visitors should not miss a chance to indulge themselves in a variety of Tet-themed activities such as street festival, parade, ice sculpture exhibition, and art performances.