Clam & Star Fruit Soup

Each region in Vietnam has different terrains, soil and climate that provide abundant sources of food for the locals. In summer, when the harvest of clams and star fruit begin, the locals in the central region often cook a sour soup using these two ingredients.

It is rather simple to prepare the dish. It needs only a dozen clams, some start fruit, tomatoes, dill, green onions, fragrant knotweeds and a dash of seasoning. Clean the clams by soaking them in water mixed with wood ash or hog wash to get rid of the sand.

Clams are availabe in coastal areas in the country.

Cutstar fruit into five-pointed stars
Drill is indispensable for the soup.

Fragrant knotweed is used to create the flavour for the soup.

The soup is suitable for summer.

Clean and peel the edges of the star fruitt before cutting them into five-pointed stars. Cut the tomatoes into wedges and slice green onions, dill and fragrant knotweeds.

Boil the clams until their shells open, then add the seasoning, sliced tomato and star fruit slices. Lastly, put the prepared green onions, fragrant knotweed and dill into the soup.

Clams are available in coastal areas throughout the country so it is a popular dish for Vietnamese.

Photos of the soup were taken at Com Nieu Restaurant, no. 457 Vo Van Tan, Ward 5, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
By Nguyen Luan