The cakes are mostly made from rice and sticky rice, wrapped in leaves, and flavored with distinct flavors.

The week-long festival offers visitors an insight into the traditional cakes made by both bakers and locals with special recipes handed down from previous generations.

There are a variety of cakes unique to each region, such as bánh bò (steamed rice cake), bánh xèo (sizzling rice pancakes), bánh cống (fried shrimp cake), and bánh lá mơ (paederia foetida steamed rice cake).

Bánh hỏi (thin rice vermicelli) attracts plenty of visitors.

Jackfruit sticky rice offers a new choice for food lovers.

A baker showcases their goods at the festival.

Distinctive varieties that are only found in the south are on offer.

Many are very eye-catching.

The festival also offers a wide range of activities, including cooking classes, and traditional folk games.

Rice paper from the rice paper-making village of Thuan Hung in Can Tho, recognized as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage, is introduced at the event.

A freshly-made bánh bò has just been prepared.

An artwork is made from bánh xèo (sizzling rice pancake), a very popular dish in the southern region

The highlight of the festival is a demonstration of a giant bánh xèo, which has a diameter of three meters.

A corner of specialties provides more options for festivalgoers.