What tourism trend in 2021?

Among the many tourism trends, domestic and green tourism are expected to be of more interest in 2021.

What tourism trend in 2021?
The destinations with unspoiled nature have been more favourite for visitors in recent years. (Photo: tienphong.vn)

The increase of domestic tourism

In 2020, despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam’s tourism sector recorded positive results thanks to a spectacular turnaround. Since international tourists were not allowed to visit Vietnam and Vietnamese people could not travel abroad, domestic tourism was boosted with the launch of various stimulus programmes to attract more domestic tourists. Two major programmes included “Vietnamese people travel Vietnam” and “The safe and attractive tourism of Vietnam”, both significantly contributing to bringing the number of domestic visitors as high as 56 million.

One positive feature of domestic tourism is that it contributed to helping visitors have more opportunities to know more about the beautiful landscapes of the country.

Following that success, the tourism sector has set a target of making domestic tourism the main force maintaining its operation in 2021, focusing on promoting alliances. In addition, the sector will enhance the domestic tourism market while maintaining the promotion of Vietnamese tourism abroad to prepare appropriate conditions to meet the demands of post-pandemic tourism development.

According to the world famous travel publisher Rough Guide, domestic tourism is the tourism trend for 2021 in almost all countries. In the context of international tourism being “frozen”, countries have decided it is crucial to promote the domestic market to maintain the operation of the tourism sector.

The development of Vietnam’s domestic tourism witnessed a significant contributions from the aviation sector. Through cooperation on tourism stimulation, promotional programmes for tickets and the launch of new air routes, airlines created more opportunities for tourists to travel to even more destinations. For example, last year, Vietjet Air signed agreements to stimulate tourism demand with many localities such as Hanoi, Nghe An and Thanh Hoa. The airline also cooperated with the General Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in a promotion programme during the 2019-2021 period. Vietjet n particular has continuously opened many new routes to fresh destinations with attractive promotional programmes designed to attract more visitors. 


More interest in “green tourism”

Another trend that is expected to receive a great deal of interest from visitors in 2021 will be “green tourism”, featuring environmentally sustainable destinations. Notably, Rough Guide emphasises that tourists who are interested in this trend will choose airlines that have measuresin place to reduce their carbon emissions and who use fuel-saving aircrafts.

In fact, this has become a trend in recent years as many visitors want to find environmentally friendly destinations and travel there on the flights of eco-friendly airlines. Foreseeing this trend, on its global travel search engine, Vietjet’s flights are always labelled, if applicable, as a “green choice” with the caption “flight with low CO2 emissions”.

“Green tourism” in Vietnam has also featured the participation of many localities and travel companies, hotels and restaurants. For example, the northwestern provinces, Quang Binh and Nghe An have strengthened the development of community-based tourism; meanwhile, Nha Trang has developed sea and island tourism and the southern provinces have promoted tours to fruit gardens. These are models that bring visitors travel experiences in tandem with nature, environmental protection and the preservation of natural resources for future generations.

Nhan Dan/Tien Phong