Although August has passed, the Department of Tourism of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province said that this time is still in the peak of summer tourism because the number of visitors to Vung Tau city and neighboring provinces continues to increase.

Attractions, accommodation and dining are crowded with people. According to the Center for Support and Management of Tourists of Vung Tau City, in July, there are about 10,000 visitors on weekdays on average, this number increases 3-4 times on weekends.

Difficult to have a room with a nice view

In the summer, Vung Tau city welcomes a large number of tourists to have fun and relax. The demand for bookings has also increased accordingly. Many homestays, hotels and resorts in the city center are full.

In the high-end segment such as resorts, hotels near the sea, the capacity at weekends can reach over 95%. As noted, the main groups of guests are family travelers, small groups from the southern provinces coming for a short stay.

Currently, many high-end hotels are almost full on Saturday and Sunday this week. Reservation staff at Malibu Vung Tau hotel said: “The hotel is already out of room for 2 guests. In August, the number of rooms booked by guests is quite large.”

A representative of The Cap hotel also shared the same: “This weekend, the room for 2 guests is sold out. Customers often prefer to choose a room on a high floor, with a sea view, even though the price is higher.”

du lich he Vung Tau, Vung Tau van con cao diem du lich anh 1

Hotels in the 4-5 star segment are chosen by many tourists for a weekend getaway. Photo: @yensam308.

In general, 4-5 star hotels in the city run out of rooms quite soon, especially those with nice views. Even though it’s the end of summer, visitors still need to arrange a reservation in advance to get the room they want.

With the lower segment of homestays and villas, customers are often young people, going out in groups.

“Guests have started booking with me in August, mainly for two weekends. Weekdays are still booked, but the number is less. Currently, I am fully booked for the weekend until the middle of this month,” homestay representative Nhim’s House shared.

It can be seen that, compared to the beginning of summer, the number of visitors has changed. If you go on weekdays, you can easily choose the homestay you like.

Talking to Zing, some accommodation establishments said that homestays and villas are mainly for young people or those who want to travel to save money, so this time has gradually cooled down.

Crowded but still comfortable

Not only accommodation facilities, many famous restaurants and check-in points in the coastal city still welcome guests. The peak is on weekends. Some main roads also experienced congestion, crowded and slow moving vehicles.

du lich he Vung Tau, Vung Tau van con cao diem du lich anh 2

Coastal cafes are still a favorite check-in point for many visitors. Photo: NVCC.

At restaurants selling specialty food, diners have to wait about 5-7 minutes to get a table. Tourist My Trang (HCMC) said: “Sunday morning, the cafes along the beach are very crowded, the guests are constantly coming in and out. I have a hard time finding a place. However, this can be explained because it’s still in the tourist season.”

“My guests, after calling to reserve a table at some restaurants but failed, asked me to buy seafood to cook at the homestay. In peak times, this is the option chosen by many of my customers”, a representative of Nhim’s House homestay said.

When asked about the crowded situation in Vung Tau, tourist My Trang still feel quite comfortable. “Although there were many customers, when I ate at restaurants, I didn’t have to wait too long. Fortunately, I was not ripped off during the trip.

Like My Trang, tourist Thu Thao (HCMC) are not too uncomfortable because of this crowd. “My group mainly had fun at the homestay. In the afternoon, when the whole group went to the beach, the sea was still quite clean, so it was also comfortable.”

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