The contest has been designed to honour initiatives that support environmental friendliness, energy-saving technology, as well as designs that combine both Artificial Intelligence (AI) trends and Vietnamese culture, the organisers VDAS said at a press briefing in Ho Chi Minh City on March 23.

​The contest is to be open to all Vietnamese and international interior designers, as well as architects, they said.

The organisers will present the professional design award to projects to be completed over five years, and the concept design award to design concepts and ideas for Vietnam.

The winners are set to be announced in September as part of VMARK Vietnam Design Week 2023.

Entries will have to progress through two rounds of screening by judges comprising internationally renowned experts, design professors, and presidents from prestigious design and architectural organisations worldwide.

The VMARK Design Annual Award will be given to entries that make use of design to solve problems for a better life.