The exhibition, entitled “0 Essential”, was initiated by painter Am Che (also called Phan Thanh Nam) and the group “Viet Su kieu hung” (Heroic Vietnamese History). The project gathered many famous illustrators and manga artists such as Thanh Phong, Do Thai Thanh, Nguyen Hoang Duong, Phuoc Thien, Hoang Nam Viet, Puck (Pham Dang Phuc), Kaovjets (Nguyen Cao Viet) and Rainn (Nguyen Hai).

Especially, when calling for artworks for the project, the organisers did not orient the painting’s themes; however, most of the entries featured historical characters and events or cultural features of Vietnam such as cuisine and traditional costumes.

On the virtual reality meeting platform Seensio, which was developed by a unit in Vietnam, the organising board has developed an event space in 3D format with three exhibition areas for around 80 paintings. This digital platform can create 3D characters representing attendees.

In addition to freely enjoying paintings, viewers can invite their friends to join and make characters and interact with each other. This form will help arouse viewers’ interest and offer a chance for friends and relatives to meet in a new and interesting way in the digital world.

Painter Do Thai Thanh’s paintings are printed in postcards. (Photo: NDO)

Virtual reality exhibition is now a trend that is strongly applied in all fields, including arts, to conquer audiences of all ages.

At the exhibition “0 Essential”, the artists’ paintings printed in postcards are being sold to raise funds for the COVID-19 prevention and control fund. The event will last until the end of October 2021.