Vietnam’s special tea

Vietnamese people have been drinking tea for thousands of years.


This hobby has been evidenced by historical data, archaeological documents, literary works, legends, genealogies, witnesses, and exhibits. The northwestern region with Hoang Lien Son mountain range is considered the origin of the tea tree in Vietnam and the world.

Trà của Việt Nam giá bán tới 680 triệu đồng/kg có gì đặc biệt?

There are only 50-60 ancient tea trees of this kind.

There are many varieties of tea with different prices based on differences in taste, yield and processing effort. Some kinds of teas are expensive and are more precious than gold because of the scarcity and benefits.

There is a type of tea considered a treasure of Vietnam. That is the ancient tea tree called Bach Long (White Dragon) on Hoang Lien Son mountain. The highest price for this special tea is up to VND680 million (nearly $30,000) per kilo.

Ancient Bach Long tea trees are covered by moss. They grow wild in deep forests, at an altitude of 2,400-2,700m above sea level on Hoang Lien Son mountain range, where there are very few human footprints.


These old tea trees have a diameter of up to meters. According to scientists, these trees are thousands of years old. There are 50-60 trees of this kind. They are considered the rarest, most unique and largest tea trees in the world.

Bach Long ancient tea trees have accumulated nutrients for hundreds, even thousands of years, so the flavor of heaven, the taste of the earth has been imbued in the tea leaves, bringing a very special flavor to conquer the heart of drinkers.

To make 1kg of dry Bach Long tea, farmers have to pick about 3-3.8kg of old fresh tea buds and 3-3.8kg of fresh tea buds from 30 ancient tea trees. Therefore, they can produce only 2-3kg of this super premium tea each year. That’s why its price is up to VND680 million.

Le Ha